The Brightest Day seems a little dismal.

As much as I an enjoying the actual series itself, the continued appearance of nonsensical ‘White Lantern’ mysteries are rather annoying me. Case in point, the recent JLA/JSA crossover, with the Star Heart driving all magic mad.  Really, what was the point in the White Lantern intervention?

Now I can understand why Max Lord appears in Power Girl, and it’s nice to see that Max is scheduled to prevent the events of The Kingdom by sorting Magog. But don’t all these plot threads belong in the pages of Brightest Day?

On the note of the JLA/JSA crossover, too much too soon? This team is barely established, yet has done nothing so far to show that it is not a second rate league like the Justice League Detroit, or maybe even the JLI. (Speaking of which, have you been reading Justice League Generation Lost? That seems to be the best League title out there currently.) Forcing it into a team up that was little more than one very long fight scene seems, well, pointless really.  Maybe I’m falling out of love with DC! Still, we’ve had our rough times before, we’ll get through it.

A far better read this week has been Image’s Guarding The Globe. Now I’ve only recently started reading Invincible, I still don’t know who all of these characters even are, but while Invincible is away fighting the Viltrumite War, we can rest assured that the Earth is in safe and highly entertaining hands. They may have had to change the titles name at Marvel’s demand, but nonetheless, this is an enthralling group that I know just enough about to make sense of the title. Perfect for a jumping on point into the Invincible universe and definitely my pick for the week.

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