The Comic Rack - Fantastic Four #544, Green Lantern #18, Godland #17 - Reviews for March 29th, 2007

Fantastic Four #544

(w)McDuffie (a) Pelletier

Reconstruction: Chapter One

So, the first thing you’ll notice about this issue is the cover featuring Thing, Johnny, Storm, and the Black Panther with the text “The NEW FANTASTIC FOUR”.

That’s BS.

They ARE NOT the new Fantastic Four. Are all four of them going on a mission together? Yes…but inside the pages of the book they go out of their way (at a press conference even) to state that the Fantastic Four is a family, and Reed and Sue are simply going on a second honeymoon to reconnect after the problems they’ve been having due to the Civil War storyline.

Crappy blatantly lying cover aside, this is a pretty darn good issue of Fantastic Four, and I will definitely be back for the next installment. The Mighty Marvel Hype Machine is kind of making me sick these days, but this is another fine comic with a great creative team that provides a satisfying first chapter to an intriguing story.

Many of you may (or may not) remember the very Invincible-like character Gravity that has his own mini-series not too long ago. Apparently he died during Civil War, but something is up with his body – which is how this storyline kicks off…and there is a (not so) surprising guest star on the last page of the book…although his role in the story was surprising to me…

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Go check this one out if you have $2.99 to spare. It feels like the FF again..even though the it’s not quite back to the status quo just yet…

Green Lantern #18

(w) Johns (a) Acuna

“Mystery of the Star Sapphire” Part One

I really hate the artwork in this book.

I admire the artist for being able to do everything from pencils to color, but most of this thing looks like traced photo reference work that is neither alive, nor comic-booky enough to make me want to pick this book up again.

I hate this art, and will probably not be back until the artist on the book changes.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s talk a little about the story.

Johns has a way of taking the old and making it new again, and he seems to be doing that with GL by re-introducing some of his classic cast in Carol Ferris and Tom Kalmaku. This is the first issue of Green Lantern I’ve picked up in a while…mainly because I don’t like what is happening with the character.

It seems like they made the decision to keep Hal Jordan hanging around Earth because they had GLs in space already, and they wanted to give Kyle something to do as well…so Hal’s been fighting terrorists and stuff.


This story veers away from that by bringing the Star Sapphire back into the picture, but nothing about this issue is really compelling, other than the Sinestro Corps back up story. I’m not sure I’m really into the idea of anti-Green Lanterns, but the Dave Gibbons art was much better than the junk in the front of the book, and really made me wish the main story of the title was more cosmic…more epic…just more like Green Lantern is supposed to be.

Godland #17

(w) Casey (a) Scioli

“The Infinity Protocols”

Godland has been one of my favorite comics since the first issue. In fact, I even ran a Godland fansite before blogging full time became too time consuming to update it properly (although I swear I’m going to get a fresh coat of paint on it soon). So it’s no big surprise that I enjoyed this issue.

The thing that I love about Godland is that it’s a comic that isn’t afraid to have fun. This particular issue isn’t heaping with “fun” but the spirit of the book remains in tact. If you walk into the comic book shop this week and pick up issue #17, you should probably go ahead and grab issue #16 (which is only .60) and get caught up with the story. This issue is definitely one for long time fans, as it continues to move the story along, with no real satisfaction for a first time reader…but like I said…go grab issue #16…or better yet, grab one (or both) of the trade paperback collections of the series.

Godland represents everything that is good about comics, and it deserves your support. The Cosmic Superhero Epic Lives!!!

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