There are some people who are simply into watches. While one can only really wear one watch at a time, these people will not hesitate to pick up a new watch that catches their fancy. Most of the time, though, watches such as those made by Breitling, Rolex, and the other big boys are the ones that are much sought after.

For those who have a geekier side, however, I am pretty sure that the “Ever Increasing Watch” will prove to be more appealing than any of the watches produced by the manufacturers mentioned above. One look at the Ever Increasing Watch will make your curiosity rise like the water in a river after the rain.

Designed by EleeNo, the watch does tell time, albeit in a non-conventional manner. Graph-loving people will be delighted at the line graphs that take the place of the traditional hands of a clock. Instead of the hour hand, you get the blue line graph. Each dot represents the hour. In lieu of the minute hand, you get the yellow and red line graphs. The yellow graph represents the minutes in 10s, while the red graph represents each minute. It’s that simple, and I love the idea!

For people who want to be able to tell time in an easier manner, the makers of the Ever Increasing Watch incorporated a small number under the most recent dots in the three graphs. I think they should just have left that number out. It kinda takes the fun out of figuring out the time, don’t you think? Oh, and yeah, they could have thought of a more creative name!

For $179, you can play with the Ever Increasing Watch.

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