The Future of the Body

By Dave

I just recently got my September edition of Popular Science (yes, I know I am a geek, that’s why I write here), and in its pages were some really great articles on how genetic engineering as well as technological advancements will create better, faster, stronger human beings.

I think it would be really nice to be able to take a pill to increase my confidence, my memory, and find some cheap way to fix my sight, and increase my creativity.

Brain chips that enable us to control machines with our thoughts. Kidneys and lungs built to order in the lab. Pills to make you smarter and more creative. An implant that gives you a tan and protects against skin cancer. All these innovations are in development; some are already being tested on human subjects.

The next technological frontier will be our own bodies. Genetics, materials science, tissue engineering and nanotechnology are already yielding products to help the sick and injured, including a Band-Aid-like heart patch and the C-leg prosthesis for amputees. But we are entering a century in which medical science…

I find myself always wishing I had super powers, but not having the ability to gain them always was a downer. In twenty years, when I am too old to really use them, I could actually have super strength and super hearing. The sad part of that is also that they will probably be common place, so it will be much like Gattaca, where it is the normal, unmodified people that are the low class people in the society.

What super power would you want to have? Keeping it decently technologically feasable please.

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