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Apple’s fourth iPhone (iPhone 4) is just as popular as – if not more popular than – the first generation iPhone. Three years and four versions later, the iPhone has been immensely improved, but with a growing price tag. For the die hard Apple fan – and perhaps for those who simply must have the latest and the greatest – price is not an issue. They will buy as soon as the iPhone is available, and most of them will buy every new release.

But not everyone is willing to spend that amount of money each year and not everyone is an Apple fan no matter what. If the price starts to get too steep, these people will be willing to drop the iPhone and will look for another brand. If you are an iPhone user, and you haven’t taken a look lately at other phones out there, it’s time that you did.

After reading about the experiences of some people who have switched from the iPhone, I have narrowed the alternative options down to two Google Android phones: the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Desire. Spec-wise, all three phones have a touch screen, camera, video, simple design, and they all have the same speed as well.

Google is making huge progress with Android which makes it a serious contender to iOS 4. Samsung even uses the same processor as the iPhone 4 for their Galaxy S and you can upgrade the storage with a microSD card. Being able to upgrade the storage with microSD cards is a huge advantage over the iPhone, especially now with HD video recording.

Apple does take the lead with design, with the iPhone being made of hardened glass and feeling a lot sturdier than the Galaxy S and the Desire.  Both the Galaxy S and Desire have a simple design, but I like Galaxy’s design more because it has minimal buttons.

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I believe that if it weren’t for sheep mentality and the fact that Apple is a fashion statement (let’s be honest – a lot of people buy an iPhone to be seen with one), we would see a lot more Google Android phones. Case in point: there were a lot of complaints about the antenna gate, but did the users return the iPhone and exchange it for another brand?

As long as Apple keeps maintaining their strategy to allow only one provider to sell the iPhone, Google Android will slowly control the market.

I have tested Android on friends’ phones and I’m still hoping to own one, alongside the phones that I already own. Now that I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 together with my iPhone, I can really see the pros and cons of each phone, but for me, Blackberry smartphones are an entirely different species – incomparable to the iPhones and Androids. 

What kind of phone do you own or would like to get in the future?

Samsung Galaxy S product page and HTC Desire product page

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