The perfect pour: An infographic for any coffee lover

Two weeks ago I wrote about 15 Things you should know about caffeine. In the comments section a reader explained why decaf coffee does not taste as good as regular coffee.

I drink my coffee at three places, Starbucks very once in a while, the bagel shop and the sandwich shop. Their decaf coffee varies with Starbucks and the bagel shop having the best one and the sandwich shop an ok one. I might consider drinking the coffee at work if they had a decent office coffee service.

But, a big but, the type of coffee you drink can also influence the taste for better. Here is a infographic with all kinds of coffee and of which parts they are made, milk, chocolate, steamed milk, etc. As the infographic states:

This is a guide designed for everyone from the coffee connoisseur to the Average Joe; An express guide to the complex and confusing world of coffee.

I mostly drink a Cappuccino or Mocha, but from the places where I drink coffee only Starbucks makes them like stated in the infographic, with chocolate. The other shops use chocolate milk, maybe that is what is meant with chocolate in the infographic?

There are two coffee on that list I have never heard of, The Miami Vice and The YuaYang. I’m sure I won’t like The YuaYang as I never drink tea with milk, tea with milk does not appear in my vocabulary. The Miami Vice I might try, but I have never seen it on any menu’s.

When I see this guide I totally fall in the Average Joe group, I have read blogs of people who I label coffee geeks. They roast their own beans, write about the exact process of roasting, and when making the coffee how long to boil the water, exact amount of coffee to add, etc. I could never keep up. I can’t make my own coffee even if my life depended on it.

As long as my decaf Mocha or Cappuccino tastes good I’m happy.

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