The Sandman (by Paul Berry) - Review

In 1991, director Paul Berry animated this dark and unnerving stop-motion short film which would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Short Film, Animated. In my humble opinion, the Sandman should have won the award, as it is genuinely an amazing piece of work. The atmosphere, music and technical sophistication are astonishing and itâ??s an excellent video to watch around Halloween-time.

Its nine oâ??clock and time for children to go to bed. A small boy is sent up to his room all alone with only a dim oil lamp to guide his way. He trembles beneath his covers, as creaking floorboards and howling winds fill him with a sense of dread. In the downstairs hallway, a strange creature spills out from the shadows. At first, it cautiously searches the rooms of the house with stealth and graceâ?Šuntil it hears the sounds of the boy. Sensing the childâ??s fear, the creature begins loudly approaching his room, relishing the terror it invokes. Upon reaching the sleeping childâ??s quarters, â??the Sandmanâ? has a terrible fate in store for the unsuspecting boy.

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