The Sarah Connor Chronicles shows promise

By Mel

Geeks are already talking about the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show that will premiere on january 14. Most people think that it’s not going to be good. I mean, Lena Headey as Sarah Connor. As far as most people are concerned, Linda Hamilton will always be Sarah Connor. Anyone else would be an abomination of that seminal role.

I, too, was thinking the same thing when I read about the show. “This is going to be creatively bankrupt show,” I thought to myself. But I’ve already seen the pilot episode and I have to admit, it is surprising that it did not suck. In fact, it was quite good.

The show is very promising and it looks like, if played correctly, The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be one of those shows geeks will embrace. The presence of Summer Glau as the new terminator-protector of John Connor does not hurt the show’s chances either. Geeks will surely get a rise out of seeing the star of Firefly as a cyborg.

I would recommend watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles, it’s a much better show than, say, Bionic Woman. Now that show should have never been conceptualized.

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