The Sentry - Good bye or good riddance?

<SPOILER ALERT! Read Siege #4 before you read this.>

Well, it’s finally all over, and the status quo has returned to what it should be. Norman Osborn has been picked up from crawling about in the wreckage of the Golden City, revealed to be as mad as a dancing troupe of Mad Hatters, even the President has ordered his capture, and reinstated the Avengers.

At the same time, Bob Reynolds lies dead in the ruins of Asgard.

I for one am not sorry to see him go. Although a number of stories featuring him have been of a high quality, as a (dis)functioning part of the Avengers, I rather think he has been nothing but a hindrance.

Nothing has reinforced my annoyance at the Sentry than this weeks issue of The Sentry – Fallen Sun, one of the few Siege epilogues. We now hear more of the various heroes memories that somehow they have recovered even though nobody was supposed to remember anything of the Sentry’s first (and second) incarnations. To say the issue was saccharin would be to give the story high praise. There is one thread that shows promise, as the Sentry’s pet robot Cloc flies off to recreate Bobs headquarters somewhere in anticipation of his return.

That in and of itself is enough to send a chill through my spine.

Meanwhile, we learn how Daredevil idolised him (that so doesn’t feel right), and that Magneto is not the only man Rogue has been able to touch. So the Sentry was not only a schizophrenic addict, he was a cheat as well. An addict who still was able to help Tony Stark overcome his drinking? There is no reason this should not have been contained in a few pages of one of the Avengers titles. I had to pay money for this?

The only eulogy that felt real for me was that of Doctor Strange’s. He is one who could relate to Bob’s struggle, having had god-like power and lost it through his own errors and unworthiness.

On the matter of Doctor Strange however, that got me thinking.  We all know we have not seen the last of him, but I rather like the idea of exploring Sentry’s true nature. To me, he seems to be not a forgotten part of reality, but a lie, a myth, an insertion into the mainstream reality. What was he really? Where was he from?

A creation of Nightmare’s to emotional wound the heroes and give them fake memories of previous losses? Of course, D’Spayre or Mephisto could both fill that role.

Or maybe Bob was some stray thought created by a wielder of the Cosmic Cube (or one of the other numerous reality altering devices).  He is an Aryan ideal, could he have been unleashed from the mind of the Red Skull? Or maybe the Void was his true form, and the next time we see him, he will not be hampered by his human avatar.

Let’s hope it’s not for some time however.

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