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Seems like the Twilight popularity is far from over. And after the “New Moon” movie premiere the hype is growing again with the pending release of “Twilight: The Graphic Novel” volume one on March 16. So far most people I know can’t stand the Twilight movies(if they read the books they probably couldn’t stand them either).

I discovered the Twilight saga in December 2008, I had vacation from work, bought the first book and ended up reading all four books in a week and a half. The movie was also released in the same period which I ended up seeing a few days later. I liked the books but even I had trouble with the adoration Bella has going on for Edward. I would skim the sentences when it got too much otherwise I would have stopped reading it altogether.

The pending release of the graphic novel will be a success for sure, because all fans will be buying it. The publishers, Yen Press, will certainly make good profit. But what stands to see is if it will draw new followers.

Twilight is drawn in manga like style by Young Kim with original text from the author Stephenie Meyer. The novel will be in a mix of black and white and colors from what I could gather. It will be released in hardcover at 10.99 dollars on Amazon. Now I’m not a manga/comic expert but it seems like a softcover is more fitting then a 244 pages hardcover. Leave the hardcover for the collectors edition.

As for the manga like format it will limit the text to the bare essentials for the story. This gives me hope that the story will be less “cheesy” and more on the vampire, human, wolf issues. Because it’s not a bad saga story wise, in book four it gets such to extreme I wonder if the movie will be PG rated or R rated. So overall it has great potential to be a good graphic novel for comics and manga fans out there who don’t like the books and movies. But one must be willing to put aside all opinions on the books and movies to give this novel a chance.

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