The Ultimate Loo Concept

Who’s anal retentive? I think I have been called that several times in my life, but I think that whoever came up with this toilet concept is way more anal retentive than anyone I have ever met. So what’s it all about?

Aside from that interesting look, this toilet has some useful features. Designer Dang Jingwie clearly cares for the environment and understands the need to conserve water. The contraption is a mixture of toilet bowl, sink, and vanity table. When you wash your face or brush your teeth (or even wash your hands), you may opt to save the used water to flush the toilet. There are two buttons to choose from: the green one will store the used water for flushing later on while the orange button will drain it. To give you more control, there are four settings that will allow you to adjust the water pressure. That’s sensible enough, right?

What about the vanity table? I guess that people who are constrained with respect to time will be able to find comfort in the fact that they can do their daily business while shaving. (Guys, will you be able to handle the multi-tasking that is required?) Those who need to put on make up and what not will also be able to do that. (Now I know women will have no problems with this.)

Now what I don’t get is that you have the option of heating or warming your espresso using the built-in warmer at the back. Why anyone would want to drink their morning brew while doing their business just doesn’t make sense to me.

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