The Wii? No, it's the Vii

By Mel

I just got myself a Nintendo Wii a week ago and my family loved it. My wife, who is a console gamer like myself, is having a lot of fun with Warioware Smooth Moves, and part of the fun is because our three year old son could actually play some of the mini games on his own. The look on our son’s face as he realized that he can control the movement on screen with the Wiimote is just priceless and will surely be one of our favorite memories of him.

The Wii is not the expensive but it’s not that cheap either. I have friends who still haven’t bought their own Wiis because of the price. For the cheapskates out there, you now have an altenative… sort of.

Trust the Chinese to actually reverse engineer the Wii and sell it blatantly as a rip-off. Just look at the Vii (pictured above), it’s a really cheap knock-off of the Wii. The kind of cool thing about this is that this gaming unit actually uses motion control, too. I still don’t know what the price for this machine is but this is going to be a great gag gift if it’s really affordable.

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