These Children's Stories Minimalist Posters Will Delight the Kid in You

We all had our favorite bedtime stories when we were kids. I suppose that even as adults, those bedtime stories of old still evoke a feeling of warmth and comfort. In the most general sense, these children’s stories make us feel good. Yeah, I believe that there is a kid inside each one of us. The difference lies in how much we nurture that kid.

What do you say to giving that kid in you a treat today? These children’s stories minimalist posters will do just that, as well as evoke a sense of appreciation from your artsy adult self.

The children’s stories minimalist posters are the creations of Christian Jackson, a “former gun for hire in the design industry”. He claims to be only slightly obsessed with art and design, although he admits to dreaming about kerning and staring for hours on end at typefaces. I don’t think I’ll mess with this guy’s opinions on art and design!

What I am sure about is this: his children’s stories minimalist posters made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Taking a look at this particular collection took longer than I expected for a couple of reasons.

One, I didn’t easily recognize the children’s story behind all the posters. I mean, for some posters, it was easy as one look and boom! For the others, I had to examine the posters – as minimalist as they are – to make the appropriate connection.

Two, once I had made the connection, my mind would not allow me to move on to the next poster without quickly (or sometimes not-so-quickly) going through the story, albeit all in my head.

In a nutshell: If you loved fairy tales as a kid, you will be enthralled with these children’s stories minimalist posters.

So can you identify the story associated with each poster?

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