The Harry Potter franchise is based on JK Rowling’s books but the movies include several improvised lines and scenes. Now that all movies are available on Netflix, more fans can find clues about their favorite characters.

The beloved movie franchise features legendary characters and iconic storylines based on the original books by JK Rowling. However, actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Tom Felton are among several cast members who improvised in certain scenes. Whether they forgot their original lines or wanted to add their own take to the scene, here are seven iconic lines that were improvised by the actors.

Professor Dolores Umbridge in a bright pink suit during class in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
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Harry Potter and Lucius Malfoy

In Chamber of Secrets, Draco’s father Lucius Malfoy makes a comment about Harry after the brave wizard saves the school from a petrifying creature.

“Let us hope that Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day,” Lucius tells Harry with visible hate in his eyes.

Daniel’s iconic line wasn’t even part of the original script. The actor gave the perfect response: “Don’t worry. I will be.” 

Arthur Weasley’s scene

There was a scene with Ron’s father Arthur Weasley (played by Mark Williams) where a real-life interaction between Mark and Daniel made the final cut.

During the filming of scenes in the Weasley family home, Arthur was fascinated to talk to Harry about the muggle world when he mentioned the function of a rubber duck.

“What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” Arthur asks, questioning Harry’s knowledge about the muggle world.

Harry looked totally surprised and it was Daniel’s real facial expression that was included in the original scene.

Draco Malfoy’s line

Tom Felton, aka Draco Malfoy, delivered one of the most iconic lines in the movie franchise and the line was made up by Tom himself.

In the scene, Harry transformed into the Slytherin student and one of Draco’s close friends Goyle but forgot to take off his signature glasses.

“Why are you wearing glasses?” Draco questions Goyle after stumbling upon him. Goyle responds: “Reading.”

“I didn’t know you could read,” Draco reacts, baffled by Goyle’s response.

Hermione’s reaction

According to a report from Collider, Chris Columbus gave Emma Watson the freedom to be creative with some of her lines in the first movie and Emma delivered one of the character’s best lines.

After meeting Harry on the train to Hogwarts and realizing who he is, she reacts: “Holy Cricket!” 

Emma Watson’s awkward handshake

At the end of the Chamber of Secrets, Hermione reunites with Harry and Ron when they have an awkward interaction. Hermione gives a hug to Harry but stops herself and gives Ron only a handshake.

According to a 2015 post on Harry Potter’s official Instagram account, Emma was “angry” with Columbus and felt “embarrassed” to hug Daniel in front of everyone.

She explained: “I hugged him for such a short period of time my arms barely touched around his neck, and then I let go immediately. Chris had to freeze-frame the hug so that the moment lasted long enough for it to be anything.”

Ron and Hermione’s reaction to Harry kissing Cho

Emma wasn’t the only one who had an awkward interaction with a co-star on set. Daniel had one with the Ravenclaw student and love interest Cho Chang.

In Order of the Phoenix, Ron and Hermione burst out laughing when they find out that Harry has finally kissed Cho. The laughing part was unscripted as the trio let their real emotions out in the scene.

Ralph Fiennes’ hug

In an interview in 2011, Tom revealed that Voldemort’s (Ralph Fiennes) hug in Deathly Hollows wasn’t in the original script.

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