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These Woman Yelling At Cat Meme Ugly Sweaters Are What You Need For The Holidays

Once the smell of yule sets in and you can no longer step outside your home without wearing at least two layers of underwear for warmth, you know it’s that time of the year. Your adrenaline-fueled bliss from Halloween will soon start descending ever so slowly into a melancholic decrescendo brought about by the cold winds and the premature Christmas songs. How, you ask, do you stay warm while radiating happiness? With these Woman Yelling at Cat Meme Ugly Sweaters.

You’ve seen them many times since the cool kids keep using them liberally with most pop culture references. That’s why these ugly sweaters will make for the perfect way to combat your holiday blues; because ironically enough, it’s also the saddest time of the year. These sweaters come in pairs and don’t you dare purchase only one unless you want the meme gods to unfurl ten thousand years of discord upon your life.

The first of these two Woman Yelling at Cat Meme Ugly Sweaters is, of course, those two Beverly Hills Housewives girls who had a little too much liquor and drama in them.

While the second is that innocent white cat who’s confused as hell as to why it’s being fed salad at a party. Both are unrelated to each other but you can count on the internet to make things happen.

Put them together and on a sweater and you’re walking meme of the year.

Both sweaters come in white and crewneck sweatshirt styles with sizes ranging from small to 3XL. Both of them also cost $30 each and you’ll surely want to bring a partner to wear the other one; it doesn’t matter who, friend, lover, sibling, your clueless grandparent– remember, you’ve committed your life to be a living and walking meme until the calendars start turning 2020. Then you can be sane again; until then, grab your Woman Yelling at Cat Meme Ugly Sweater.

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