Collecting action figures is much more than just a hobby for children. The growing market for high-quality figures means that these toys are now highly expensive and valuable – prized as pieces of home décor as much as things to play with. One of the most impressive and popular brands is Hot Toys. But before you start buying these figurines, it’s good to have a clear idea of what Hot Toys are and what you can expect from them as you build out your collection. Here’s what you need to know before you start collecting Hot Toys.

What are Hot Toys?

collecting hot toys

Hot Toys are one of the most collectible types of action figures. They are scale models of characters from a huge range of franchises ranging from comic book superheroes to pop culture icons like The Godfather and Robocop. With a truly prolific level of detail, these are some of the most realistic model figures that you can buy. This had made them an extremely popular collectors’ items as there is such an impressive array available to you whether you’re just looking for the odd figure or you want to build out an impressive collection. If you are thinking of starting to collect Hot Toys then here’s some things that you need to know:

Start off small

It’s a good idea to make a decision on exactly what you are going to start collecting – think about your personal favourite franchises and interests. Once you know where to start, it’s worth taking the first step, but treading lightly. Don’t spend serious amounts of money on your first Hot Toy, instead you should buy something that is easily available and perhaps at the lower end of the prices. When you get it you can see how you feel about the idea of owning more and putting more money into the hobby. It can be difficult to narrow it down because there is such a huge range available but this is something you’re going to have to get used to.

It gets addictive!

collecting hot toys

You wouldn’t think that the idea of spending money on scale models could become something that you actively look forward to, but it can become almost addictive. If you buy an Iron Man figure and then a Captain America, you begin to see that you’ll need to have all of the Avengers. And once that collection is completed you really need to have the Justice League to pose in opposition to them. When these figures can cost hundreds (and in some cases even thousands) of pounds, you can see that this can get very expensive very quickly. It’s also worth remembering that impressive action figures like this can take up a lot of space, so you’ll need to find the room for them.

They can be an investment – but don’t count on it

Action figures can become hugely valuable collector’s items. You only need to look at the prices of many of the original Star Wars figures in their original packaging to understand the value that a rare toy can have. That means it can be tempting to go into collecting Hot Toys with one eye on their eventually value many years from now. This is a mistake, however, as there is simply no way to get any idea of what a toy might be worth in the future. It’s a much better idea to collect the figures that you like and then value can be a secondary concern.

Keep it official

collecting hot toys

Naturally, with something as valuable and collectible as Hot Toys – there are going to be fakes and counterfeits creeping onto the market. We put together this guide to spotting the difference to help with making sure you’re not being conned into buying a fake. The devil is in the detail, and so is the collectability and value – so keep a keen eye out of for the telling signs. 

The packaging conundrum

Every toy collector has to make a decision – do they leave the figures in their original packaging, which is an excellent way to preserve value, or do they take them out any enjoy the figures. Hot Toys generally have very high-quality box art and it can be a shame to take apart the packaging to get to them. This is simply something that you will need to decide on for yourself. 

Keep them in good condition

No matter whether you keep them in their boxes or take them out to display them, it’s vital to keep your Hot Toys in good condition. Be sure to clean them regularly and keep them away from direct sunlight and other potentially damaging conditions. These figures are very expensive so it’s definitely worth ensuring that they stay smart.

Article provided by Mike James, an independent content writer and huge fan of hot toys.

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