ThinkGeek: April Fools Becomes Reality

By Dave

One of the many items from ThinkGeek for April Fools included a silk tie called the 8-bit tie.

A few of us monkeys at ThinkGeek had this great shared dream a few months ago. In it, the whole world was 8-Bit, just like the video games we grew up on. We found ourselves having to leap from platform to platform, to search for pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom, and to fight scary mutated plants and animals. The music was awesome (and still stuck in our heads) but the coolest part was what we were wearing: a tie. But not just any tie, an 8-Bit tie!

We woke up screaming. An 8-Bit tie – what an awesome way for the drones of Cubeland to show their independence from Corporate America! So, we did what we knew you’d want – we had the ties made. 100% silk, clip on (for easy dressing), and custom designed by us for you. You’ll be the envy of the office or, at least, you’ll get tons of attention. You’ll be just like Mario when he wore a tie to meetings when negotiating his contact with Nintendo. Sure the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 are out there with all their super technology, but sometimes it’s nice to remember the beginnings of the video game revolution. Viva la 8-Bit!

What is most interesting about the tie is not the idea, nor that it was an April Fools joke, but instead the interesting bit is that it will be made into a real commercial item. They got so many requests for the tie that they gave in and are making it. I, for one, would love to pick one up if they make it in some different colors.

Who knew April Fools could be inspiration for real marketable ideas?

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