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This Awesome LED Word Clock Lets You Read Time, Literally

Time. We live and bask in it every day; it has become the very thing that drives us to make important decisions about our lives and other lives as well. Still, we do not understand what it is– well, completely, that is. Our feeble mammalian brains still haven’t cracked the code yet. However, you can try to understand time a bit better using this LED Word Clock.

Tadaaa, we did mean on a reading comprehension level instead of physics. It just so happens that not many people are good with numbers and if you’re one of those unfortunate geeks not blessed with the mathematical eye or predisposition to tolerate anything numerical, then this unique clock should serve you well.

It’s pretty much a desk or wall clock that, instead of displaying your usual numbers to represent the Earth’s rotation, shows words. Courtesy of VAT19, the LED Word Clock is cleverly made by picking the right words to replace a combination of numbers that you usually see in digital clocks. You’ll find that all the functions of a normal clock are here, intact and working.

Of course, it does come with one caveat– the time reading changes only every five minutes. That means you can’t use it as a stopwatch or a countdown timer.

The time is then represented and highlighted by a bright white LED text. Meanwhile, the clock’s dimensions are 7.75″ x 7.75″ x 1.75″. The clock also has a built-in stand for desk display but can also be hanged to be a wall clock. After all, something this pretty has to be shown around the house. Do note that the clock is powered by an AC adapter instead of batteries.

The whole package, including the adapter, costs only $80. Either way, it’s high time you get a clock that challenges your perception of time.

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