This Bacon Crusted Poutine Stuffed Pie Is to Die For

Or it can kill you. Literally.

I’m lost in bacon heaven, and I am sure you are, too.

This bacon crusted poutine stuffed pie is a mouthful, and I would pay an arm and a leg – and my arteries too – for it.

The pie is not a lie. Ask the guys of DasFoodTruck, who roam the streets of Montreal to give its residents the tastiest chows they may ever have from a food truck.

DasFoodTruck has taken things to a whole new level by making your “ordinary” pie into something that will make you drool all over your keyboard. Instead of the usual pie crust and stuffing, they used bacon and poutine.

And, just in the unlikely case you don’t have a clue what poutine is, think fries on steroids.


So, how to make bacon crusted poutine stuffed pie?


One, get all the bacon you want and cover the pie pan with it.

Two, make some poutine and put it in. (Here’s a recipe for “real Canadian poutine“.)

Three, get that oven to work.

Now I’m not saying I don’t love me a good apple pie still, but I’d really, really want to have a huge slice of this bacon crusted poutine stuffed pie.

Got a recipe that can beat this?


There’s no such thing as too much bacon:

Kevin Bacon Made Out Of Bacon

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