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This Hot Cheese Gun Isn't Your Usual Cheesy Christmas Treat

Have you ever loaded cheese or any food that melts into a glue gun? Of course not, not only would you get the tongue-lashing of your life, but that’s also a crazy idea. Admit it though, you’ve always wanted to as a kid, regardless of whether it would work or not. Now, however, it can and will work, but instead of a glue gun, a hot cheese gun called the Fondoodler is there to satiate your cheesy curiosity.

The hot cheese gun is basically a glue gun but for cheese alone. You load the cheese into the chamber, push the trigger, and out comes hot lead bullet slugs melted cheese without using any stove or microwave, just like that. This makes the Fondoodler the perfect companion for your Christmas snacks or geeky parties especially with the assortment of cheese you have stocked in your pantry from the Christmas panic buying you did a few weeks ago.

Oh, it isn’t called Fondoodler for no reason though, not only can you make fondue with it, but you can also make art. Use it to draw some cheese scribbles on your sandwiches or draw stuff on your nachos– no adult would dare stop you! Just keep it out of toddlers of your kids or they’ll unleash a cheese apocalypse in your house.

No need to worry about a scalding nozzle, the hot cheese gun doesn’t get that dangerous. It’s also dishwasher safe and can be ready for cheese in as little as three minutes.

This hot cheese gun is also fully compatible with most cheese except the runny and liquidy cheeses. Sadly, it only works and was tested for cheese, it’s not recommended to feed chocolate into the chamber though nothing’s stopping you; the Fondoodler only costs $29.99– not much to lose if you go crazy with other food that melts.

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