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This Northern Lights Mug Lets You Take The Aurora Borealis Anywhere!

Everyone and their dog knows that people who live near the North Pole of the Earth are luckier near the end of the year. That’s because whenever a year ends or begins, they’re given the most spectacular light show ever on the planet: the Aurora Borealis. The best part is that this phenomenon is natural and free, meaning those of us not living near the North Pole are missing out. Well, now we don’t have to with the Northern Lights Mug!

The official name is Northern Lights Heat Change Mug. It’s a mug, plain and simple that comes in a slick black color with a painting of the North Pole landscape at nighttime. That’s how it is when the mug’s temperature is cold. However, once you pour in your favorite hot beverage, something amazing happens. The Aurora Borealis will start appearing gradually, much like in real life.

A few more seconds and the Northern Lights Mug will show you the full spectacle as seen from the North Pole. Of course, this stays as long as your drink remains hot or warm.


The mug is made out of ceramic with a heat change film applied as the external layer. Its capacity is 300 mL or 10 fl. Oz. Sadly, because of its specific function and materials, the Northern Lights Mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe. That very well means you need to take care of this awesome mug; that is unless you want the Northern Lights gone forever from your hands.

Anyway, the price of admission to have the Aurora Borealis at your hands is only $10.99. Shipping is free for those living in the U.S. So, grab your chance to see the Aurora Borealis on-demand with a calming serving of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea.

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