This Week's Best Game Vids

It’s that time again. Pull up a chair, throw an extra log on the fire, and pour yourself a cuppa, ’cause we gonna watch us some killer new game trailers and dev diaries.

Let’s start with a new look at Portal 2. This week Valve is showing off this pre-rendered CGI trailer that unveils the new robotic characters that you’ll be able to play as in Portal 2‘s co-op mode. Methinks whoever animated this has been watching a lot of WALL-E

Sony has a new TV commercial for Killzone 3 that’s making the rounds. Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

Did you know that Silicon Knights is working on a new X-Men game? It’s called X-Men Destiny and it sounds like an RPG with its heavy focus on choices that lead to a branching storyline.

THQ’s upcoming shooter Homefront puts you inside an America that’s occupied by North Korea and turned into a military state. Looks pretty brutal, and the fact that THQ is citing real-world political figures from Korea means that it’s almost certainly destined to be controversial. Check out the violence-heavy trailer below.

Bodycount is gunplay on acid, letting you shoot through anything you see.

The first DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is on its way. It’s called Dead Money, and here’s a short trailer for it.

Something I’ve heard a lot of buzz about over the last week has been the cutting-edge new motion capture techniques being employed by Rockstar in L.A. Noire. The result is on-screen animated characters that display remarkably realistic human expressions. See for yourself.

Step right up, sports fans. Here’s your first look at 2k Sports’ MLB 11 The Show.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is out now, but here’s one last trailer for it in case you haven’t looked into it yet.

Naughty Dog has released a new video showing gameplay footage from Uncharted 3‘s “Chateau” level that was first glimpsed on Jimmy Fallon.

And we sign off for this week with all the Crysis 2 you can shake a candle at:

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