This is How You Make Your Own Love Poem Using Spotify

I like poetry as much as any other person (which is not saying much, if you think about it).  Seriously, I do like certain poets, and there are episodes in my life when I would read nothing but poetry.  Writing poetry is a totally different thing, though.  I would not even dare go down that path.

That’s why I am giving this Swedish guy, Benjamin Olah Lindholm, a thumbs up.  I have no idea if he is a “real” poet – probably not – but what he did with Spotify certainly made him strike gold with his girlfriend.  The image up there, folks, is a “poem” that he created by putting song titles together.

So what did he do?  He didn’t give many details in his post, but I think he simply looked up song titles that would fit his message. He then sent each song, according to the order he wanted, via the Spotify Inbox feature.

The web site is in Swedish, by the way, so best use Google Chrome to automatically translate the content.  If you enlarge the image, read the song titles only.  I put them together – a testament to my poetry-writing abilities, or lack thereof:

I have seen the last day on Earth.
I have seen Santa’s little sleigh bells.
But, honestly, it doesn’t matter
Because nothing compares to you.
In your eyes I see the ocean.
In your lips I feel free.
In your hair I can feel the youth;
Smooth as silk.
Over and out,
Your protector for all time, I hope.
Your boyfriend won’t let you down.

Pretty neat, huh?  Yeah, cheesy it is, but Benjamin says “it worked better than ever.” (Now that’s the Google Chrome translation, so something might have been lost or mistranslated.)  I say I’d give him an A+ if only for the thought!

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