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Thistleheart Is the New Comic Book Series for Those Who Like It Dark and Fantastical

There’s a new hero bursting onto the comic book scene and he doesn’t look anything like the mask-wearing superheroes you’re used to seeing. In fact, the starkly sinister appearance of this character will challenge readers’ perceptions of heroism.

Thistleheart is a modern fantasy that focuses on a dimension-hopping monster that’s trying to stop an ancient evil from destroying two worlds even as he struggles to reclaim his own lost humanity.

Created and written by John Schlim Jr. and illustrated by Harvey Bunda, the comic series will explore the dark sides of justice, religion, love, and humanity itself as it ultimately tells an action-packed story of redemption.

In addition to an unconventional protagonist, the new series will feature an unconventional art style. Bunda’s artistic approach to this project can best be described as a frenetic Mike Mignola style, combining intricate linework with bold contrast in distinctly foreboding arrangements. He creates an atmosphere that’s rooted in a modern reflection of contemporary Earth, but also surprises readers with the imaginative flair of magic-infused fantasy, all framed within the dark mood that sets the underlying tone of the story.

Take a look and see for your self.

Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Check out more samples of the distinct artwork and discover more information about the project go to and follow on Facebook.

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