How to Throw the Geekiest Halloween Party in Town

Editor’s note: This post was written by Kelvin of Pure Costumes, the site where you can find anything and everything when it comes to dressing up as someone else.

In this day and age geek and chic are almost interchangeable at times. It’s cool to let your inner nerd out and do what so-called “geeks” do. From video games to famous nerd-adored movies, it can be quite a blast to geek out and have some fun! So why not embrace it and throw the geekiest Halloween party in town — show your friends how much fun it is to come to “the dark side” and join in the geeky chic revolution!

First things first, time to spread the word about your awesome party and get your guests excited to attend with an over-the-top invitation! You can browse Etsy for some cool printables or handmade cards.


Or if you want, you can find your own ideas and come up with your own invitation idea. One thing is for sure, you want your invite to stand out and entice your guests to want to come to your party.

Then you want to get or make some really cool decorations. Make the most of your space. You’re your party area with bright colors and lots of fun décor. I always think of the phrase “a little goes a long way” when it comes to my party decorating. Simple things such as balloons and DIY decorations can actually make a huge difference in setting the mood for your party. You can use bright pops of color to add excitement to your space or keep it dark and dreary for a spooky Halloween mood. I really like to do garlands because they are super easy to make and really cheap. Like this DIY Pac-Man garland:


I also try to always have some sort of a backdrop area at my party because it is a great place for taking pictures and takes up a lot of space for something that’s really easy to set up.


Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with your own personal touches to your décor. Your guests will really appreciate the neat touches and those little decisions will almost always have a much bigger impact than you imagine.

Make sure you dress the part. Costumes make any party interesting and fun! Pure Costumes has a ton of great costumes. No matter what kind of theme you are going for, you’ll find something to fit the bill. You can be your favorite superhero, video game character, or movie legend—whatever your heart desires. Impress your guests and get in to the Halloween spirit because what adult doesn’t want a good excuse to put on a costume and transform into somebody else for a night!

Let’s also not forget about the food and drinks! Umm…hello that’s a big reason why people even come to parties right?! So if you are looking to throw the geekiest part in town, your food better be out of this world! I’m no chef so I always look to the Internet for ideas and recipes for food and drinks. Whatever direction you are going in, there is bound to be a whole slew of ideas right at your fingertips. It’s fun to make things that people will remember and that have cool drinks that leave people wanting more.

You may want to even get your guests in on the action and have them bring fun themed food items to share and go potluck style. Whatever the case may be, NEVER overlook the food and drinks! You would be surprised at how much they really do make or break a party!




Last but not least, if you are going to geek out then you’ve got to have some party games! You can go with the classic Halloween games—bobbing for apples, mystery bowls, hanging donuts, mummy wrap, etc. or you can get a little more creative and cater to what you think your guests will truly enjoy. Just make sure your guests are happily entertained all night all!


Do all of these things and you’re bound to have the geekiest Halloween party in town—one that people will be talking about for years!

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