Thunderbird to fly from the Mozilla nest?

Even though people love Mozilla products, there is no denying that Thunderbird simply hasn’t grasped as much attention as ThunderBird has. Although it’s more noticeable now than before, Thunderbird updates were always relatively slower than Firefox ones.

Due to these two reasons Mitchell Baker, the Mozilla CEO, is asking the community of Thunderbird users what they think would be best to ensure a brighter future for Thunderbird. Here are some of the options she gave:

  • a new non-profit organization analogous to the Mozilla Foundation – a Thunderbird foundation
  • Create a new subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation for Thunderbird
  • Thunderbird is released as a community project much like SeaMonkey, and a small independent services and consulting company is formed by the Thunderbird developers to continue development and care for Thunderbird users

One of the biggest reasons why people prefer Outlook to Thunderbird is because of how easily you can synchronize it with another device. In my opinion, Thunderbird is great as a stand-alone e-mail client, but not as much when you intend on using it to organize your whole agenda.

Another reason why Thunderbird isn’t as popular as Firefox is because a lot of the people I know, including myself, prefer to use the modern AJAX-based webmail rather than installing or using another product.

There aren’t any perfect solutions for Thunderbird, but if it would synchronize better with other devices, and if it had a way to interact with webmail clients in a more “intelligent” way, then I’m certain it would become a must-have application.

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