Here at Forevergeek, we regularly try to paint a picture of the multitudinous aspects of geekiness. From science fiction to video gaming, from comics to cosplay. Sometimes, these different paths of geekdom coincide into a central nexus making things so much more fun to report. In this case, it’s when board games and video games come together. I’m about 95% sure you’ve heard of the classic board game Ticket to Ride. It’s an all-American best selling board game that’s easy to learn, hard to master and totally addicting to play with friends. The magic of Ticket to Ride is that it appeals to both the board game veterans and casual party gamers. I have to note that Ticket to Ride has been out for quite a while on iOS. Sadly, Days of Wonder did not release a universal version and have two separate versions for the iPhone and iPad. The game is worth mentioning now however because Ticket to Ride Pocket Edition is being released for FREE. If you don’t have it yet, I highly suggest you pick it up. You have nothing to lose. Do note that the original board game can set you back by around USD $30.00 so that’s huge savings already by grabbing this deal.

DOWNLOAD Ticket to Ride Pocket [FREE]
DOWNLOAD Ticket to Ride iPad [$6.99]

This is the trailer for the iPad version, although the game elements are now very similar save for screen optimization.

The objective of Ticket to Ride is very simply. You need to connect train routes to score points. Routes are created by joining train cars matching the color of the route on the screen. Strategy comes in when you need to made decisive moves of blocking opponents from completing their routes, completing your own routes and drawing train cards.

Ticket to Ride comes with solo play, local pass and play multiplayer and online multiplayer capabilities via the Game Center thanks to the latest update. The game truly hails from the original Ticket to Ride save for the messy board. No setting up or cleaning up afterwards required. Go ahead, tell your friends while it is still free!

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