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TikTokers to Follow For Your Daily Dose of Geek

TikTok has proven itself to be a rising social media platform in recent years. While it is not the first one to provide a place to upload minute-long (or shorter) videos on the web, it has definitely become a place where people can talk about different things. Popular topics you see on TikTok are about art, cooking, comedy, or even the general millenial-slash-gen Z rant. However, there are also educational TikToks (or #edutok, as they call it), and even the occassional fandom geeky ones like Star Wars. If you’re looking to nerd-ify your TikTok feed, here are some of the best TikTokers to follow for your daily dose of geek.

Bill Nye


Stuck at home with nothing to do? Consider the following #ScienceExperiment to help pass the time… #LearnOnTikTok #TikTokPartner

? original sound – Bill Nye

If you’re a science geek, you definitely know who Bill Nye is. Famous as Bill Nye the Science Guy from a show with the same name, he recently opened a TikTok channel last March for us science geeks to enjoy!



Hot piranha is no joke. It can cause severe burns and easily shred apart skin and clothing. #tiktokpartner #learnontiktok #nilered #science

? original sound – NileRed

NileRed is a TikToker to follow for chemistry lovers. He actually has a YouTube channel where his goal is “to show the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways.” If you’re looking for short but sweet chemistry experiments, definitely take a look at his account!



Happy September 21st everyone

? September – Earth, Wind & Fire

Kylosgotcake has a variety of videos but you’ll sometimes see that he does Star Wars-related content, or movies in general. He sometimes combines Star Wars and current trends which are always fun to watch!



Compare Samsung Galaxy a51 and Sony a7iii by ??#filmmakersetup #behindthescene #cameraman

? original sound – filmmakersetup

For film lovers, filmmakers, and aspiring filmmakers – the filmmakersetup is a great account to follow as it shows you how scenes from movies, commercials, or TV shows are shot. They also have videos on camera gear setups which we also like!



I dont know what this is but this is proof on how lonely he is #demonslayer #zenitsuagatsuma #demonslayercosplay

? originaler Sound – ?????? ????????

For those interested in cosplay, tinkerprincess0 should be on your list to follow. She does cosplays in her videos from anime to games, and what is even more fascinating about her is that she moves like an animated character!

Alexa Chalnick


Have fun lovers??? #songwriting#love#musicaltheatre#piano#singing#duet#create#creative#musical#writeasong#theatrekid#sing#act#theatre

? Write a Love Song – AlexaChalnick

For musical and theatre lovers out there, you’ll love Alexa Chalnick. She does TikTok videos about anything music-related. However, her most popular videos are her songwriting challenges where other people can write their own lyrics to the music she creates. If you’re not interested in writing your own lyrics, you’ll enjoy the variety of creativity found in her duets!



Superhero Facts???? pt101 #supes #superhero #facts #funfacts #marvel #dc

? Coffee for Your Head – Vinyll

Marvel and superhero enthusiasts would want to follow SUPES. This guy, Matt Ramos, does content on anything superhero, especially Marvel. He talks about news, theories, and even uploads videos of himself reacting to teaser clips. If you’re looking for someone to geek out with, we recommend him!

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