Tim Burton is known for many talents. He’s a filmmaker, artist, writer, and animator. His dark, gothic, and eccentric style is something that has shaped the horror and fantasy genres. Throughout his many years working in the entertainment industry, he’s created many films that quickly became cult classics. When you think of Tim Burton, it’s hard not to think of The Nightmare Before Christmas immediately, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg for his filmography.

From Beetlejuice to Dumbo, Burton has created a style that’s all his own. And with these cinematic masterpieces come iconic characters to match. Despite their dark and sometimes creepy personalities, the characters of Tim Burton have found their way into our hearts. Their words have stuck with audiences for years to come. That’s exactly what Costume SuperCenter aimed to highlight with this infographic.

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Jack, Sally and the rest of The Nightmare Before Christmas gang take a knee to let some of the other iconic Tim Burton character shine. This infographic features quotes from other fan-favorite Tim Burton movies. From his live-action hits to his animated masterpieces, there’s a quote for everyone to enjoy. Did Edward Scissorhands’ tragic life pull on your heartstrings? Do you relate to Lydia Deets’ cynicism and sarcasm? Do you claim Michael Keaton as your Batman? Do you thrive on the dark love triangle between Emily, Victor, and Victoria? No matter which characters from Tim Burton’s extensive filmography, you’ll find a quote that you love in this infographic. Dive right in the sometimes dark, sometimes magical world of Tim Burton through the words of some of his most iconic characters.

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