Top 6 Tips to Fix Your Gaming Router’s Wi-Fi Problems

Sometimes a faulty router can be a nightmare for a gamer. You might easily panic if you see something that is unusual about your router. This can be worrying especially if it’s not a one-off scenario. Don’t think that your router is a cheap piece of junk. Even the best gaming router can develop such problems at any point.

The most important thing is to figure out how to fix Wi-Fi router issues to get a continuous connection. If that is what you are looking out for, then you should keep reading. We take you through several issues that your router can throw at you over time. And we have tips on how to fix Wi-Fi problems to get your router working perfectly again.

Odd lights; try rebooting

In some cases, your router might not show the indicator lights as it should. If this is the case, then you should know there’s something wrong with the device. First, consider turning it off and give it between five and fifteen seconds.

Then turn it on again. Also, check to ensure the connections of the cables are well done. You can try to disconnect it from its power source and unplug the cable that connects it to the internet connection.

This could be the TV or Ethernet cable on a similar one. Then after a few seconds, start your router again. Once it is on, give it about five seconds before you proceed to connect the internet cable to the device. 

Overheating problem

Another problem you are likely to run into with your router is whether it is overheating. If this is the case, then you need to get it to cool down for ultimate performance and durability. First, check whether there could be any obstruction to the device’s cooler vents.

Also, look at its surroundings to ascertain you don’t have it placed on another overheating device. Make sure your router has enough room for air circulation if you want to beat the overheating problem.

Sluggish connection in some areas

For most gamers, poor internet speed can be both inconvenient and frustrating.  As you set out to figure out how to fix Wi-Fi problems, this should be your top priority. On the bright side, you can turn to several ways to sort out the problem apart from testing the connectivity speed

One of those is to consider moving the device to a central location in your home. Placing it on one end of the house could mean you will not get enough if any signal on the other end. So go to a central location for the best reception.

You can also think of adjusting the antenna, which can help redirect the signal where you need it. Going for vertical and horizontal alignments could help in the case of a tall house. If you are in a place with many other people using routers, this could be the problem. 

In that case, consider changing your router’s channel to get the best out of the device. If none of these works, then your home could be too wide for just one router to push the signal to every corner. You can add another one or wireless repeater to enhance the range for higher performance.

If the connection is poor everywhere

Having a sluggish connection at some rooms can be bad enough. But having to deal with a slow connection across the whole house is the last thing any gamer wants. Luckily, you can put several options to use and sort this problem with considerable ease.

Among the most helpful ways is to plug the computer directly into your modem and test the connectivity speed. If the problem is still there, you should know the connection is at fault and not the device. Then you can seek help from your ISP.

Another viable way is shifting your device channel. This helps to avoid any overlapping of networks that might be weighing your router down. If the problem is still there, you can reset the device all the way from the start. Some have a reset button for the purpose.

You can push it in using a paperclip for about 30 seconds. With all these and the problem still there, the problem could be the modem. If not that, then you can know that your router could be dying. In this rather unfortunate case, you have little option than buying a new one.

Lights are okay, but nothing comes out of it

Sometimes your router lights might indicate that everything is working perfectly. On the contrary, however, you might be getting no connection at all on your device.  If you renamed the device to a rather personal name, you might have a case of reset hardware without your knowledge.

This usually results from random problems with the router. However, it could also be the result of bugs in the firmware, children tampering with the device or problems with the ISP. Here’s an idea on how to fix a Wi-Fi router with this problem.

The first step is to look at the back of the gizmo for a certain sticker. This should contain the primary name, also known as SSID or service set identifier. In addition, you should get the original password from here. Then proceed to check out the connections that you are getting on your PC or console.

If the original name appears there, connect to its using the original password. If you succeed, proceed to the admin and rename it back to the original name, as well as the password. Your router could share a similar name with another one in the vicinity. And this could prove difficult to get a connection with it.

If the connection keeps dropping

It so happens that the connection drops often in some areas of the house. If you no longer get the signal in such areas where it used to be sufficient, then you can check several things. One of those is the antenna, which you should set facing straight up to enlarge the coverage. Also, you can check whether you have placed any possible obstructions near the device lately. These could be things like metal cabinets, microwave or such.

In this case, consider moving it to another place away from these potential interferences to the signal. Also, you may elevate it a bit to give it a higher edge to send the signal further out. Alternatively, you can check whether your neighbor might have a router that shares the same channel with yours.  In this case, you can change your device’s channel or ask your neighbor to change theirs. 

Hopefully, these ideas on how to fix Wi-Fi problems have what you were looking for. Getting the best out of your router doesn’t have to be a challenge. Any of these steps could bring back the perfect performance from your device. All it takes is first identifying what the problem could be and tackle it as necessary. You don’t have to give up on your router and go for a new one. Even when it seems like everything gives, make an effort to fix the problem(s). Continue your gaming with the best internet connection possible. 

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