Titan Found to Be Rather Like Early Earth

By Dave

I really think that life does exist somewhere out there, but I think it would be even cooler if we found life in our solar system, either signs of life that once was, or signs of life just beginning. One interesting moon that is very similar to Earth in a lot of respects is Titan. Scientific American has an article up talking about the similarities of our planet and Titan, and I thought it was a good read, so I am posting a snippit and a link here.

Of course, one thing that can produce a lot of methane is life, but the particular carbon isotopes the probe found on Titan make that unlikely. Still, even if Earth and Titan donâ??t appear to share life, the family resemblance remains strong. In fact, on its descent to the lunar surface, Huygens detected ionic disturbances in the atmosphere, suggesting that Titan, like Earth, may experience lightning during summer storms.

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