Castlevania is a game series that has haunted me my entire life. I swear to you, the flying Medusa heads gave me my first gray hair at twelve years old, and it only got worse from there. You see, Castlevania games are known for being cruelly difficult, and as a younger gamer than I am now, I was masochistic and fed off the game’s abuse. One aspect of that abuse is one of the very things that make Castlevania games so great.

The mid and end level bosses that are scattered throughout them.

For example, Legion from Symphony of the Night (seen in photo above) scarred me to a level I cannot explain. I had never fought a giant ball of writhing naked bodies before so it kind of blew my tender,  young mind, especially as I whipped them to death, one by one, watching them fall away and reveal the real beast within. That shit was SO DOPE and so beyond it’s time, and this list focuses on that exact thing. The most memorable boss fights in all of Castlevania history. From the first giant Bat in level one of the first game to the massive, towering bosses from their last (not so great game), this list covers it all.

And for the few of you who have bested them all, I tip my gamer hat to you, as that is no small feat.


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