Heaven Can't Help You Now: Top 10 Most Feared Video Game Characters

Some people like to play games because they entertain them and pass the time. Other people like to play video games because it carries them away from their worldly troubles and whisks them off to a land void of those very concerns. Then you have weirdoes like me who like to play video games to be scared shitless. I don’t know why, but I love me some horror games, and looking at how the genre has grown over the last five years, so do most gamers, apparently. But what video game characters strike the MOST fear in your heart?

What video game characters fill you with dread?

What video game characters make you sometimes want to smash the power button just to catch your breath?

What video game characters literally, cripple you with fear?

I know for me it is the Alien from Alien Isolation. I have pretty much played every horror game conceivable and while Outlast had some gripping moments and the PT demo had me screaming like a school girl, few fictional characters made of polygons f*cked me up more than the brilliant alien from Isolation. Some horror games have you hide for two minutes or so. But there were moments in Alien Isolation when you would hide for, literally, 45 minutes. I know it may sound lame, but with your mic turned on and you trying to hold your breath in real life, it was as scary as game characters get.

Anyway, this list is all about the game characters like that. The one’s you hate to love, but love anyway, even though they traumatize you.


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