Top 5 Careers for Technology Geeks

IT and tech are one of the fastest developing fields on the planet. The specialist knowledge required to work in this industry is always highly sought-after, which means that many of the jobs involved are well-paid. If you consider yourself a geek and a fan of cutting-edge technology, you’re in luck. There’s a wide spectrum of opportunities available and recruiters are always looking for people with the right knowledge. Of course, many of these positions require you to have achieved specific qualifications and certain levels of training – but an investment of this kind is almost invariably worth it, and there are all kinds of ways to pay. For example, you might choose to refinance your student loan in order to save the needed money that is required. So, what are the best jobs you can find within the tech industry, and which will suit you best?

Games Tester

It’s every casual gamer’s dream. You’re paid to sit in front of a screen and try out new titles before they reach the market, giving feedback on your experiences as you play. You need to have a creative and critical eye, an interest in a wide range of platforms, and a knack for gaming. Of course, there’s a huge amount of competition for these positions – so you’d better start honing your skills.

Software Engineer

A large number of businesses will be looking for bespoke software at any one time. You’ll find loads of jobs in the swiftly growing AI and automation field, but everything from ticketing systems to educational resources need talented engineers and developers. You’ll need to be well versed in a variety of tools and technical languages, but because the skill levels required for a position of this kind are significant, you’ll be well paid if you land a career in this industry.

Machine Operation and Maintenance

These specialists are invaluable to people working in construction, factories, product fabrication, and all other professions that rely on sophisticated and complex machinery. If you have an official qualification that proves you are capable of handling or fixing equipment, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be out of a job. There’s often an element of risk involved too, which may put people off – but it also makes a good wage much more likely.


Programmers speak the complex language of computers and other intricate devices. It’s the programmer who expertly writes the script commanding and directing almost every modern machine on the planet. From basic applications to huge, complex mainframes, skilled programmers can create sophisticated, functioning tools out of virtually nothing. It’s like IT alchemy – and it’s always well remunerated.

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Tech Blogger or Reviewer

Fancy being paid to try out and write about new gadgets? If you can build a career as a blogger or reviewer in the world of tech, you’ll be pretty lucky – it’s a highly sought-after vocation, after all. However, if you have a broad and in-depth knowledge of a particular branch of technology, a strong understanding of your audience, and a great way of presenting your findings and opinions, you may just be able to make your fortune. Whatever you decide to focus on – from devices like phones and tablets to games, tools, and plenty of other products besides – your reviews could prove extremely useful to both the general public and certain specialist brands. You may find yourself on the receiving end of a lucrative sponsorship deal as a result.

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