Top 5 Facts About Flying Cars


I don’t care what you or scientists or car makers think, flying cars is just a weird concept. It may have worked well within the Jetson’s, but let is not forget that was a cartoon. And yes, the Back to the Future series made flying cars seem like they would be the coolest things ever. But the thing I don’t think most people factor in are all the variables for death. What about the first day you fly against a south wind you knew nothing about? What about when you reach down to change the song on your future iPod radio, and boom, you drift into the side of a cliff? All I am trying to say here is, they may LOOK cool and SOUND cool by concept, but I promise you, the day we have more flying cars than regular cars is the day we start seeing cars falling from the sky, and that is a day I want nothing to do with.

For the rest of you who might still be called by the strange allure of flying cars, here are some facts about flying cars from WatchMojo. If you need me, I will be the one on the ground, hiding from the hovering car wrecks happening on over my house.

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