Top 5 Superpowers for Regular Folks

There’s pretty much no one out there who hasn’t seen a movie from Marvel or DC and wondered what it’d be like to have superpowers of their own. However, the truly nerdy among us have gone a step further and questioned the logistics of what having those powers might entail. Sure, being able to read minds or have super strength sounds great at first, but it’s all fun and games until you rip off your car door in the grocery store parking lot or can’t make the voices in your head stop. What about superpowers for the average joe? These are five superpowers that would actually make a positive difference in our everyday lives.


Teleportation would be amazing and is one of the X-Men mutant powers we wouldn’t mind actually having. Anyone who has ever dealt with a long work commute, sat on a smelly bus, or ended up stuck in traffic for more than an hour knows the pain of travel and teleportation. Technology is reportedly working on making teleportation a reality, but we’ve seen The Fly one too many times to want to test it out. We would far prefer it as a superpower than a pod. One snap of the fingers and you’re at your office desk, allowing you to sleep in right up until the last minute. Any power that provides us with the opportunity for more sleep is definitely a good thing. Which brings us to our next power.

Instant Sleep

Sometimes, it’s just tough to fall asleep. There’s nothing worse than lying in your bed awake for what feels like forever only to look over and realize it’s 3:30 a.m. Maybe you shouldn’t have had that extra cup of coffee. Maybe that scary movie wasn’t the best thing to watch before bed. Or maybe you shouldn’t be playing on your phone all night. Either way, the ability to instantly fall asleep and get a restful, refreshing eights hours would be at the top of our list for superpowers. Now that’s what you call a power nap.

Block Vision/Mute Button

Now, this doesn’t necessarily have to involve physically turning someone to a block of ice, but the ability to quickly silence annoying, ignorant, or rude people in your day-to-day would almost certainly improve your quality of life. A video on what would happen if women had superpowers found here recommends outright freezing someone, but a simple mute button would do just as well. If only we could also apply it to internet comments.

Retractable Extra Hands and Arms (For Groceries)

We’ve all been there: you’re struggling to carry the groceries you picked up Sunday afternoon, but you’ll be damned if you’re making two trips to the car. So you load up a precarious number of bags on each arm and then either have one bag burst and drop the milk everywhere—or you dislocate your shoulder (no, that’s definitely never happened to us, why do you ask?). This is a real problem that is so commonplace it has its own “genius hack” posted online, so we take comfort in knowing that we’re not the only ones dealing with it. But with the ability to sprout extra hands and arms on command, you’d never have to worry about this again. We also imagine this superpower would be handy for busy parents as well.


Fine, we cheated a little, but no one denies that the power of flight would be amazing. Since ancient Greek times, man has dreamed of soaring amongst the clouds and it remains a popular fantasy today. We all wish we could fly high above the cities while soaking up the sun, talking with the birds, and experiencing the true freedom of no longer being literally grounded to the earth. Of all the true comic-book style superpowers, flight is one ability that would actually be incredible no matter how to slice it.

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