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Top 6 Documentaries and Movies Related to Bitcoin You Must Watch Today

2013, since the start-up of the significant cryptocurrency known worldwide, ‘Bitcoin’ has been headlining itself in the mainstream media. Because of its popularity, new movies and documentaries have been released related to it. Apart from learning online bitcoin trading through platforms like the Automatic Trading Software, these help in better understanding bitcoins. Get to know more about these top 6 films and documentaries.

1. The Bitcoin Experiment

This movie helps us understand other cryptocurrencies and bitcoin itself as it takes its viewers on a tour in Scandinavia, where a bid is placed. The movie’s duration is 39 minutes. Amund Sjolie Sveen is starring in the film and is the main character who mainly focuses on showing his viewers in his journey that if Scandinavia is prepared for Bitcoin. In the movie, we can see Amund interacting with various bitcoin enthusiasts, users, skeptics, lawyers, and government officials through the way in a bid to reveal how Scandinavia views Bitcoin. The movie is for those who want to know how bitcoin is used in Northern Europe.

2. The Bitcoin Gospel

The movie was produced in 2015 by Indigenous Films. The movie’s purpose was to show its viewers in understanding owning a Bitcoin, why Bitcoin scares Central Bank and the financial crisis of 2008. Famous names such as Andreas Antonopolous in the blockchain community are being featured in the movie and show its audience if it is possible to create money for themselves, which can likely replace them. The movie’s main motive is to show how shattered the global economy is and produces Bitcoin as another possible financial system.

3. Bitcoin Phenomenon

It is a documentary that was produced in 2014, and it is 44 minutes long. The documentary’s primary focus is on ideologies, the history of bitcoin, and the conflict on taking Bitcoin mainstream between the entrepreneurs and the early adopters. The early adopters and Bitcoin leaders are being featured in the documentary, such as Gavin Andresen. He talks about how he met Satoshi Nakamoto and how he helped him, and how, after reading the Bitcoin Whitepaper, he was convinced that Bitcoin is the future. It is an excellent documentary for those who wanted to learn more about Satoshi and how bitcoin started.

4. Bitcoin in Argentina produced the following film, Bitcoin in Uganda is also produced by the same. The collapsing of the countries’ fiat currency has a good alternative for it, and it is known as ‘Bitcoin,’ which is believed by the Bitcoin Advocates. It is because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that it isn’t under the government’s direct control. So, whenever the national currency is tottering, the citizens are enabled to continue engaging in global trade.  You can see the residents use Bitcoin as another currency when their economy is not stable in the movie.

5. Life on Bitcoin

The documentary was created in 2013 by the Newlywed couples whose names were Beccy and Austin Craig. The couples’ main goal was to live the first 90 days of their newly married life, totally relying on Bitcoin. They wanted to prove the Bitcoin skeptics wrong about there thinking that Bitcoin can’t be compared to traditional money in everyday use, bitcoin can be used to buy daily commodities just as the conventional money. This documentary was created at a time when Bitcoin was rarely accepted as a mode of payment.

6. The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin

Daniel Mross with Nicholas Mross and Patrick Lope produced the movie. Brian Armstrong, Margaux Avesdisian, and Gavin Andresen are some top of the line Bitcoin starting up entrepreneurs who are featured in the film along with some early adopters. This movie shows the advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin from over the years and offers the events due to which the cryptocurrency made it in the headlines. The filmmakers also claimed that they have also described briefly about a topic they call “the largest experiment for social-economy to be ever conducted.”

Eager to know more about bitcoins? Then, don’t miss these movies and documentaries.

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