Top 6 Most Shocking Moments from Game of Thrones

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If there’s one thing any Game of Thrones fan knows, it’s to expect the unexpected. Whilst your favourite character will, at some point, probably die, you can’t even trust the villains to stay villainous.

Thanks to a combination of excellent story writing and what appears to be George R. R. Martin’s sick and twisted treatment of his readers, some pretty appalling moments have appeared in the show. Even those who have been fans of the book from the beginning have been shocked by certain moments.

Just in case, during this season break, you’ve forgotten just how brutal Game of Thrones can be, here are six of the most shocking scenes to have taken place in the show.

Ned’s head baby, Ned’s dead…

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The advertising suggested Sean Bean’s character Ned Stark would be our main protagonist to follow throughout the show. But, as everyone has come to learn, every character played by Bean dies, and the head of the Stark family was no exception.

This all occurred before we knew how truly evil Joffrey is – he was a petulant child with too much power, sure, but this decision to behead Ned was that start of something terrible (but kind of wonderful). Sansa’s screams only make things worse, and we can’t help getting teary as Arya helplessly attempts to stop what’s happening to her beloved father.

Viserys’s golden shower

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While the ritual with the raw horse heart was a decent give away to the nature of the Dothraki, we realised just how much Khal Drogo cares for Daenerys as he pours boiling gold onto Viserys’ head. Ouch.

Despite Viserys being a pretty annoying character who cares solely about himself, no one could say they didn’t feel for him a little when he learnt his fate. It was the close-up of his solid gold head hitting the floor in death that really made the scene. The ‘thunk’ as he hit the floor was unforgettable.

A mother is born

We were all pretty cut up about the death of Khal Drogo, but as we were wiping away our tears, sadness was replaced with shock as Daenerys walked into the fire as the witch responsible for the tragedy screamed as she burned alive.

What happened next hailed the series transforming into a true fantasy show as she emerged from the ashes stark naked, holding three delicate baby dragons. This was the start of a whole new Daenerys who is determined to take over the world, and end the countless injustices which surround her.

Diary of a wimpy King

Is there anything more satisfying than seeing King Joffrey get slapped? His awesome uncle Tyrion is often the one who teaches the king a lesson or two, which makes the action all the more satisfying.

Seeing Tywin send the king to bed without his supper is perhaps the best time Joffrey has been put down, especially as we learn that, despite his evil tendencies, he has no true power. Joffrey might go down as the most slapped king in history, both physically and verbally…

The Goldenhand loses his golden touch

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If one thing remains true about Jaime, it is that he is a skilled warrior and knight who is more than a little handy with a sword. While he character and personality may change and develop dramatically over the series, this much remains true.

When his famous swordhand is then brutally amputated almost out of nowhere, the only person more shocked than the audience was the Kingslayer himself. Had these events occurred at the beginning of the series, after he had pushed Bran from the window, we all would have cheered. Unfortunately he’d just started to redeem himself as he revealed his motives to Brianne, so it was nothing short of devastating.

It’s a nice day for a red wedding

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Oh, the Red Wedding. Those who had read the books were waiting for this harrowing event to happen, whilst those who only watched the show were taken by surprise by the multiple deaths of many beloved characters.

Walder Frey jumped to the top of many people’s Most Evil lists, but as we learn that, yet again, the Lannisters were in fact behind the mass murder, it only increased our hatred for the more. We don’t know if the decapitated head of the direwolf on Robb’s body was the worst bit, or the stabbing of Jayne’s pregnant belly (which, by the way, didn’t happen in the book…). It was all pretty horrible.

Now that we come to think of it, the guy behind a lot of the most appalling scenes in Game of Thrones is in fact Joffrey, which makes it even more satisfying when he’s taught a lesson with a good old slap.

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