St. Patrick’s Day is here! This holiday always comes with a big celebration filled with costumes, parties, drinking, and games (drinking games too, right?). I mean, no one can beat the Irish when it comes to just plain old fun with alcohol, especially whiskey or green beer. So here are some of the best drinking games to play this St. Paddy’s Day!

Luck O’ The Irish

Luck of the Irish

This time of the year is the perfect excuse for some throwback to our favorite childhood movie. So bring out your copy of The Luck of the Irish, and take a sip of your drink whenever one of these things happens onscreen. Who knew a Disney movie could be so fun, right? So bring out your stash of alcohol because you’re bound to get drunk with this game!

Seamus’ Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold

This game gives a twist to the classic game quarters. Make sure each player has a shot glass and a full glass of beer. Place a pitcher of beer (or Seamus’ Pot of Gold) right in the middle of the table. Each round is an elimination round with a one-shot one-kill style of playing. The goal of each round is to take a sip of your beer then bounce a quarter off of the table and into your shot glass. The last man standing gets one chance to bounce a quarter off of the table and into the pitcher of beer. If he makes the shot, all other players have to finish the pitcher of beer. If he misses the shot, he has to take a shot of whiskey, and another game starts. Basically, this game involves a lot of drinking.

The Luckiest of Charms

All you need is some dice and beer and you can keep playing this game all night. Each player should have a dice, but one dice should be a different color than the rest. One player starts as the leprechaun and must use the different colored dice. Each player and the leprechaun must roll their dice. If a player rolls the same number as the leprechaun, the leprechaun must take a drink. But if a player rolls a different number, he or she must take a drink. Simple, right?

Drinking Decision Dice Game

St. Patrick's Day Dice

If you’re a little adventurous, try playing with this special St. Patrick’s Day dice. Things will definitely go crazy once you roll the dice and get certain tasks that you have to complete. Be sure to have lots of alcohol around for this game!

Irish Poker

Irish Poker

Each player gets four cards laid down in front of them. The person to the left of the dealer starts by guessing if the leftmost card is red or black. If they get it right, they should let 2 players drink. If they get it wrong, they should take the two drinks. This continues all the way around the table. Next, the players must guess if the second card is higher or lower than their first card. The consequence is the same, but instead of 2 drinks, it becomes 4. For the third card, the player guesses in between or outside the first two cards. Now, the 4 drinks become 6. For the last card, you must guess the suit of your card. Here, the 6 drinks become 8. Intense, huh?

Shot Potato

Shot Potato

This one’s pretty random as it involves a piece of potato, some beer, shot glasses, and some Irish tunes. Everyone sits in a circle with one in the middle. The group tosses around a potato towards each other while the music is playing. When the music stops, the player holding the potato must take a shot. The game ends when only one person is left in the circle.


If you know “Roxanne” by The Police, then you would easily get the mechanics of this game. You just have to take a drink every time you hear the word Roxanne. You’ll be drunk in no time!

Leprechaun Lawn Bowling

If you know Midget Bowling, then this game is pretty much the same thing. This time, the designated midget must wear green and you have to toss them on the grass. Instead of bowling pins, you must knock over anything found on lawns (bird fountains, mailboxes, and yard gnomes). Now, choose wisely who’s going to be your leprechaun. We strongly advise not to play this game with children.

Drink If St. Patrick’s Day Game

Drink If

These beer mug-shaped game cards are the perfect St. Patrick’s Day game. They’re green, shaped like alcohol, and of course, everything Irish. Each deck has 24 cards. Each player must pick a card, and if they’ve done something the card says, they must drink. Easy, right? An example is “drink if you’re pretending to be Irish” or “drink if you’ve kissed someone who is Irish”. In short, it’s the drink if game.

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