Top Games That Will Keep You Busy in 2021

Gamers Rejoice! We have good news! Yeah, we missed that in 2020, didn’t we? 2021 is all set for an array of amazing games. So before people start criticizing you for being gaming addicts, we decided to come up with amazing benefits of gaming you can share with them:

  • Gaming improves physical skills! Be it playing interactive games on Wii where you kick, catch and throw the ball or improving vision by able to vary between different colors!
  • Gaming improves decision-making as gamers have t make choices in a few seconds.
  • Gaming can help overcome depression and help to prevent disturbing flashbacks.

That should do! Let’s dive into games that will keep you on the edge of your seats this year.

Death loop

Colt, an assassin is stuck in a time loop. Before the time loop resets, you have 8 targets to finish. Adding to the nerves is Juliana, another agent who is after Colt. Though it comes with a multiplayer option, this game isn’t your run-of-the-mill shooting one. As Colt, you will have access to many weapons and abilities you will have to wisely use to finish your targets. To be released on PC, Bethesda studio will release it exclusively on PlayStation 5. 

Minecraft: Dungeons

We can never get enough of this game. No, it doesn’t have a sequel. However, Mojang has brought in a new adventure with Minecraft: Dungeons. Get ready to experience the old school dungeons, with your team of men on the way to rescue the damsel in distress. There will of course be monsters to battle with and collect your booty. If you don’t like playing alone but with friends, you can do it with Minecraft: Dungeons. 


V, the warrior with robotic cyber ware steals on behalf of a client the immortality chip from a renowned corporation. He ends up inserting it in his cyber ware and discovers another rebellious warrior who dies 5 decades ago. The plot thickens as V cannot remove the chip and starts to have a malfunction as the chip messes with his nervous system. The fight against his thoughts being overtaken is actionable. Will he survive? The storyline in the trailer of this game is enough to get your adrenaline pumping to know what happens. Play and you shall know.

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Hitman 3

Missed the first two? No worries, developer IO has announced that you can play the entire trilogy of Hitman games in their latest game. So get ready to get into the shoes of our clone and paid assassin Agent 47. Hitman 3 has also been named the top 4 games on the online gaming magazine, Gramno. He has many mysterious ways of taking down a target all with a sense of humor. Added to that glory are the exotic locations use like Argentina, China, and Dubai! A sequel to Hitman 2, it starts exactly where it ended. With some jaw-dropping moments, Hitman 3 concentrates more on Agent 47’s relationships and life path than only taking down targets.

Monster Hunter Rise

A group of monsters is rampaging your village after entering the area you have been defending. With two maidens who will lend you a helping hand, you need to defend your village in a tower defense manner from these monsters. Expect to see phenomenal addition to monsters like the spider creature, mud spitting monster, another one who lives in a volcano, and many more. If this game doesn’t make you feel like a real warrior, we don’t know what will?


With an original soundtrack, eye-catching art, and exquisite locations, we are already looking forward to Sable all the more. Glide on your hoverbike, climb an abandoned building or even walk with Sable across the vast desert at your own pace to solves mysteries. You will also meet other roamers who will ask you for help. 

Mario Golf: Super Rush

We like to end on a gentler and calming note. What is more calming than Golfing you ask? Playing Mario Golf, in the comfort of your house any time of the day. Lush greenery, swinging your joystick instead of a golf club, and even looking out for different weather conditions have already made us reach out for our golfing caps. 

Put Your Game Cap On

So this is our list of Top games coming up this year. Go ahead and take up your battle online to satisfy your curiosity and creativity. The journey to the end may be long and perilous, but it will leave you in a positive mood of accomplishment for long!

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