For years couples planning a baby shower or gender reveal party would stick with the traditional pink and blue theme throughout the event. These days, however, young adults are throwing caution and tradition to the wind and instead, planning celebrations that speak to who they truly are. So, if pink and blue aren’t your thing, tap into your inner nerd and try some of these geeky baby shower and gender reveal party ideas listed below: 

Star Wars Gender Reveal Party

Are you a lover of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, or R2-D2? Believe it or not, Star Wars can be the perfect gender reveal idea. Are you having a little princess Leia or a Luke Skywalker? You can opt for trademarked star wars items for the decor (tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups, etc). For something more upscale you might simply use colors like black, silver, and gold and simply have a star wars-themed cake to cut into for the big reveal. 

Game of Thrones Baby Shower

What geek doesn’t love the idea of medieval times, civil war, and dragons? If you’re looking for a killer baby shower theme you can’t go wrong with Game of Thrones. Set the scene of royalty during medieval times. Drape the tables in fine linen colors like purple, gold, blue, or green. For centerpieces, you can opt for a matching bouquet of garden roses or keep with the theme and create dragon eggs in a basket to set at each table. As for the table setting, keep it authentic by using vintage china, goblets for drinking, and rustic-looking silverware. If you’re a true G.O.T. fan, you can ask everyone to dress the part for your baby shower. 

Super Mario Brothers Gender Reveal

Bring back the nostalgia while tapping into your inner geek by hosting a Super Mario Brothers gender reveal party. Instead of the traditional blue for boy and pink for a girl, go with the idea of having either a little Mario or a Princess Peach. Immerse your guests in the world of Super Mario by incorporating details throughout the decor. Mushroom-shaped napkins, flower pots for centerpieces, and smiley face cloud banners hung throughout the venue will tie everything together. Then, work with a baker to create a cake that looks like your favorite Super Mario Brothers world. 

Harry Potter Baby Shower

If wizards are warlocks are more your speed, a Harry Potter baby shower could peak your interests. You should have any trouble finding decor items for such an event as Harry Potter and the gang are a popular party choice. From lightning bolts and shields to character-printed banners and paper products, you can wow your guests with an enchanting backdrop. If you really want to have some fun, set up a photo booth with plenty of Harry Potter props for your guests to create memorabilia they can keep for a lifetime. 

Pokemon Gender Reveal

Anime fans are often misunderstood by family and friends as Japanese animation is quite different from American cartoons. That’s why a Pokemon gender reveal party is a great compromise. Just about everyone knows Pikachu so it’s sure to be a hit. With a ton of Pokemon characters to choose from you can opt for Jiggly Puff and Pikachu, Ash and Dawn, or Jessie and James. Seeing as how Pokemon is another popular party choice, it should be fairly easy to find things to decorate everything from the walls to the tables for your guests and gender reveal gifts

When something in your life as awesome as having a baby is occurring, you should feel free to celebrate however you want. If you’re not a fan of the traditional pink and blue or simply want to do something that matches your personality and interests, these geeky baby shower and gender reveal ideas are a surefire hit. With a bit of creativity, great food, and plenty of entertainment, your friends and family are sure to have a blast celebrating the upcoming arrival of your baby. 

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