13 Horror Games That Should Be In Your Library

Horror movies have been a popular genre in the entertainment industry, but video games have taken it to another new level. With the evolution of the gaming industry over the last two decades or so, developers have involved advanced technology to create immersive virtual environments for the players. As the graphics improve, horror titles have become more frightening, with the intention of terrifying and sending the heart into a crazy run. To experience the full thrill of horror, you need to invest in quality accessories including the best gaming chairs, quality headphones and high-resolution displays among others.

Whether you relish running from scary creatures, exploring abandoned and haunted atmosphere, encounters with a serial killer or any chilling terror experience, survival terror games can offer even more. Here we have prepared a list of the top 13 horror games for you.

1. Until Dawn


If you are like the slasher horror, the Until Dawn will definitely excite you. The game is about a group of 8 teenagers going on a vacation to a secluded mountain and suddenly the odds turn against them. Filled with tension and fear, you need to make quick choices to keep everyone safe until dawn. Every decision has vital consequences and your actions will determine who will survive. The game makes it at the top of the most horrific, violent, and terrifying video games.

2. Bloodborne

Taking its inspiration from Lovecraft, Bloodborne is another truly terrifying video game. It involves exploring the gothic city of Yharnam, condemned with a strange rampant illness with death, danger, horrendous creatures and deranged mobs roaming all over the city. You have a set of unique weapons such as saw cleavers and guns but you need the strategy, brains and reflex to overcome these intelligent and alert enemies to discover the city’s dark secrets in order to survive.

3. Resident Evil 2 Remake

Resident Evil 2. Source:

The Resident Evil series has been rated as one of the graphically impressive 6th generation games, featuring some of the unique graphical elements such as camera switching and pre-set angle views.

Resident Evil (2019) remake provides an excellent and tense experience for any player from the start to the end. Built in a surrounding with long hallways with enemies and crazy noises, the game will totally creep you out as you run away from the unpredictable monsters. Even when you have enough ammo, which is a rare occurrence, the controls deliberately makes the battle difficult for you. You need to keep running back for more ammo amid the threats of death in the zombie-infested atmosphere. If you need a game to play with lights on, then this is worth a try.

4. Alien Isolation

If you like a blend of action and terrifying adventure, then Alien Isolation is your game. You fit in the shoes of a young girl searching for her mother, Ripley. Will you survive the encounters with the scary Xenomorph (the alien)? You will sweat blood as you hide in the lockers.

5. P.T.

The game’s mission is simple: getting to the end of the hallway and out through a door. However, the task is not that simple. You need to solve complex puzzles and overcome spine-chilling obstacles on your way. P.T. offers unending tense and ever-growing madness throughout the play.

6. The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a 3rd person survival terror game involving a detective tasked with the investigation of multiple murder in a mental hospital. You need to run and hide from a chain-saw wielding freak, ‘The Sadist’ and encounter a series of fear-provoking creatures. Your actions in the game determine the next scenario and location for the detective. 

7. Amnesia: The Dark Descent


No looking at the deadly monsters so you have no idea of what they are or look like. The developer uses this to create terror in your imagination and succeeds in doing it as this is one of the most terrifying games of all time.

8. The Forest

The Forest is an interesting open-world survival horror and combat game. You take the place of Eric, who together with Timmy, his son, finds himself in an isolated island following a plane crash. Soon Timmy is captured and you realise that the island is the home to cannibalistic mutants.

You need to craft weapons, shelters and other tools to fight the cannibals as you search for Timmy and discover the island’s hidden secrets. The mutants are intelligent and their reactions unpredictable.

9. Observer

The observer is a cyberpunk horror genre where you play as the role of Daniel Lazarskian, a neural detective who needs to infiltrate the minds of others to uncover a murder. The ‘Observer’ interrogates the suspect and analyse clues while going through the scary and weird images in the minds of the suspects. The adventurous title gives both terrifying and intriguing experience all through.

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10. F.E.A.R

Experience the terror of a lifetime as you charge past mist of gun smoke and rain of bullets to fight soldiers with only a shotgun in your hand. You will get ambushed by intelligent and invisible enemies and hallucinations that effectively generates the jump-scare. The developers focussed on the soundtrack and surface effects to enhance the horror in the game.

11. SOMA

Soma Live Action. Source:

SOMA is a 1st person survival and fictional horror genre set in an abandon underwater research vessel at the bottom of the sea. The leaking pipes, organic machinery, oozing sludge and flickering lights complete the visuals, fully designed to generate disturbing yet disturbing experience.

12. The Blackout Club

The Blackout Club is a first-person horror adventure video game. The game has four players controlling a group of teenagers as they explore the secrets of a dark ancient town. Besides the weapons to defend yourself from the creepy creature, you need your smartphone to light up the dark corners and take photos of the mysterious creatures as proof. Throughout the various levels the challenge, enemies and objective changes.

13. Outlast 2

Out Last 2 Demo. Source:

As a journalist, Blake Langermann, together with your wife (Lynn) and other journalists you are task investigate the murder of Jane Doe, a pregnant woman. Unfortunately, your helicopter crashes and you must find Lynn while hiding from life-endangering villagers. Throughout the mission, you will experience terrifying hallucinations from your childhood elementary schools.

If you can stand horrific experiences, the above games will be enough to make you scream in your sleep.

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