Top 10 McDonald’s Happy Meals [Superhero and Sci-Fi Favorites]

McDonald’s Happy Meals aren’t about the food, most kids can care less where their burger and fries come from, what they are about is the toy and over the years some great miniature toys have been released, among them are various superhero and sci-fi based options. Here’s our list of the Top 10 McDonald’s Happy Meals that feature Superhero and Sci-Fi Toys.

1. Marvel Super Hero Comic Characters

Marvel Superheroes, such as Spiderman, swung into McDonald’s stores during the late 90’s.  Figurines and their vehicles including Wolverine, Hulk, Storm, Invisible Woman and various others..

2. Super Hero Mobiles

Drive around in one of these batmobile type cars if you want to celebrate the Batman Returns movie. These toys featured such popular characters as Robin, Joker, Penguin and Cat Woman. Sure they’re just cheap plastic, but still a pretty clever idea and great fun at the dinner table. The cars just needed to be pulled back and released in order to be propelled forward and the Cat Woman mobile even wags it’s tail as it moves across flat surfaces.

3. Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes

This series features not only Superboy, but also the Legion of 8 superheroes which including Brainiac, Bouncing Boy, Timber Wolf, Lightning Lad and others. It’s basically Tiny Toons for the Superman and Legion franchise…definitely no Smallville!

4. Batman Video Game Characters – Happy Meal

Used as a way to cross promote Batman, McDonald’s and the new Lego Batman Game these characters featured all our favorite characters in miniature Lego form.

5. Star Wars Space Craft / Giant Head Action Figures

This happy meal set always freaked me out. Who’s smart idea was it to put characters heads on various ships? With 12 to collect this is the biggest collection on this list. They are strange, but it’s still a pretty cool and unique concept, plus the characters actually look like their movie counterparts.

6. Star Wars Key Chains

I actually know adults who went out and bought happy meals just so they could get one, sometimes even all of these Star Wars key chains. Seriously do children need key chains. They actually had a decent amount of detail for such a small piece of plastic and with 8 to collect there was a reason to eat at McDonald’s everyday for one week and a day.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Happy Meal Mutants!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were featured with two different lines of characters. The first characters had removable cars in their shells, while the others sported their traditional weapons of choice.

8. Super Looney Toons Happy Meal Characters

Okay so the Looney Tunes themselves are not super heroes, but they do dress like them with Bugs as Superman, Ms. Piggy as Wonder Woman, Daffy as Batman and Taz as the Flash. Very cool concept, very cool miniature toys.

9. Spectacular Spiderman Happy Meal

The newest incarnation of the Spiderman animated series, these characters are bigger than the one’s that came before them and they offer a good amount of detail. With firing action or suction cup capabilities these toys offered more than a quick thrill, they actually worked great for covert operations and all out attacks.

10. Astroboy

I wanted to include one modern day toy on this list and the 6 characters from Astro Boy are excellent mini-toys, even if the movie did suck. The toys include (From left to right): the children’s toys are: the Astro Boy Launcher, Trashcan, Astro Boy Puncher, Peacekeeper, Astro Boy Flying, and Zog.

Those are my personal favorite Super Hero, Sci-Fi and Cartoon based Happy Meal toy collections.

Do you have a favorite Happy Meal collection of your own that I didn’t include on this list? Feel free to include your own favorite Happy Meal toys that feature superheroes and sci-fi themes.

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