Top 10 WORST Sci-Fi Shows EVER! w/Videos

You know, these days with shows like Lost, Heroes, and Battlestar Galactica, it’s easy to forget how bad we used to have it on television when it came to sci-fi shows. Sure, we remember the Star Treks, the Fireflys, the Babylon 5s, and so on, that managed to crawl their way into our hearts…but lest we forget – Forever Geek is here to remind you just how lucky we are these days. Sci-Fi on TV used to be BAD…real bad.

With that said, we present to you the 10 WORST Sci-Fi Shows of all time. Complete with video of each horrible, horrible, television mistake.

10 – M.A.N.T.I.S.

You’ll find quite a few “superheroes” on this list…if you can actually call them that. M.A.N.T.I.S. was the story of a crippled scientist who developed an exo-suit that allowed him to walk, and also happened to give him super powers. He decided, of course, to use this to fight crime. It’s what every good scientist does when they accidentally give themselves super powers, so it makes sense really. This piece of pure, grade a A crap was produced by Sam Rami – you know, that fella that directed Spider-Man.

9 – Cleopatra 2525

Also from the producing team of Sam Rami, comes this little terrible bit of science fiction set it the year 2525. Cleopatra, a stripper who accidently gets herself chrogenically frozen (like ya do) and awakes up in the future, where she must join with 2 other hot chicks to save the world. Gena Torres, wife of Lawrence Fishburne, and (more importantly) one of the stars of Firefly, also appears in this awful excuse for entertainment.


The Dodge Viper was a HOT car. So hot, in fact, that someone decided that it was going to star in its own show. Viper was set in the future…not tomorrow..oh no…Viper was set “the day AFTER tomorrow”…in a world where there was crime…crime that could only be stopped by a flashy sports car that morphed into a not quite as flashy sports car. Viper was basically Knight Rider, except the car didn’t talk…so it sucked.

7 – Team Knight Rider

Speaking of craptastic Knight Rider rip offs, this series scores even higher on the crap-o-meter because it actually has the name of the show it’s a rip-off of in the title. Team Knight Rider was set 10 years after the original series. Back in the old days it only took 1 man and 1 car to get the job done, but now it was going to take an entire team of bad actors in GMC branded vehicles with catchy names like Dante to save the world…right…

6 – Mutant X

After the “X-Men” film was such a huge hit, Marvel was looking for a way to cash in on that success on the small screen. With the X-Men franchise locked up at the big movie studios, Marvel decided instead to do a show called “Mutant X”. It’s about people that are mutants…and have super powers…but it is in no way related to the X-Men…even though, at the time, Marvel published a comic book in the X-Men line called Mutant X (although the stories were completely unrelated to the series)…at least, this is all what Marvel claimed when they were taken to court by the movie studio for extending the X-Men brand to television without permission. It seems Fox was afraid this might damage the X-Men’s popularity…can you tell why?

5 – Manimal

He’s a man…who can turn into animals…he’s MANIMAL! Sounds like a sure fire hit, right? Of course not – what are you…high? Manimal represents all that is terrible and wrong about superhero television shows of the past…part of which you’ll be able to see right here with this excruciatingly long transformation sequence from the show…

4 – Automan

Wait…I take what I said about Manimal back…it’s NOT the worst of the superhero shows…but it is very, very close. Worse still than Manimal, though, is this little gem…Automan. Starring the son of Hollywood pioneers Dezi Arnez and Lucille Ball, you can’t help but wonder if this wasn’t a deliberate attempt on the part of their son to undo all that they had accomplished by sucking so hard that he imploded the universe.

3- Far Out Space Nuts

“Hey…what if did Giligan’s Island…IN SPACE. Oh! Oh! And what if we actually got the CAST of Gilligan’s Island to be on the show!!! Wait…we only have the budget for two guys and a midget. Also, we can’t afford Gilligan AND the Skipper…so let’s just cut it back to Bob Denver. He’s not doing anything right?” That’s how I imagine this show was created.

Then they found Bob laying in a field of hemp, drug him to the set, and started shooting this god awful excuse for a television program.

2- Quark

I fully believe this concept could work as a series…but this is an absolutely horrible execution of a great concept. Quark followed the adventures of a Starship Captain and his fearless crew…the twist? It’s a Garbage ship. They work for the Intergalactic Sanitation Department. It could have been genius…but, in fact, it was just garbage.

1 – Nightman

With the budget of your average Wicked Picures porno flick, and – evidently – the same production designer – Nightman stands tall as not only the worst superhero television show in history…but also the worst Sci-Fi show EVER! Ripped from the pages of Malibu Comics Ultraverse line of books, Nightman was a saxophone playing blues man by night…and a superhero named Nightman by…nighter.

Using his night powers he fought of criminals with his giant red glowing eye…and well…he just plained sucked too. That’s pretty much all he did was suck, and suck HARD.

So there you have it folks! The 10 WORST Sci-FI Shows EVER! Do you agree? Disagree? Sound off in the forums below…

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