Top 5 Patriotic Super Heroes that aren't Captain America

The 4th of July, in the US, is a time of reflection. This year it is also a time of mourning for Marvel fans….because this is the year Captain America died. In fact, he’s being buried this week. Thinking of Cap reminds me of all the great Patriotic superheroes we have in comics. While most of them have been heavily inspired by Cap, they represent a part of America that will never die (no matter how much our leaders suck) – pride.

No other country has as many guys running around with its flag stylistically incorporated into an I’ll fitting spandex jumper…no sir, that’s all America. If this list was compiled while Captain America was alive, then obviously he’d take the number one spot…but Cap is dead. So we’re giving Cap the Lifetime Achievement award, and moving to the Top 5 Patriotic Heroes (who aren’t Captain America).

US Agent – Johnny Walker has never been given a fair shake. He has been, and forever will be, in the shadow of Steve Rogers. For a time, John was actually Captain America, after Steve quit…and Walker always wanted to live up to the legacy, but was never able to. It was hard to give up when Steve Rogers decided to return, but Walker ultimately gained more respect for the one true Captain America, and donned a new identity…the US Agent.

His darker costume reflects his darker out look on the world. If Captain America is the hope of the American people, US Agent is their bottled up rage.

Currently serving on the Canadian super team Omega Flight, Johnny Walker is still trying to find a way out of that long shadow that Captain America casts…and even though he’s always going to be second best, he still makes the top of our list.

Fighting American – Fighting American was originally created by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, the original creators of Captain America. Their Fighting American was a blistering satire that had FA, and his sidekick speedboy, fighting the likes of Poison Ivan, and Hotsky Trotski, all part of the Red Menace, and led by the villainous Round Robin. The book was a remarkable classic commentary on the culture of the times.

In the 80s the character was licensed by DC Comics to be their answer to Captain America – it did not succeed.

In the 90s Rob Liefield, having recently been kicked off Marvel’s Captain America, decided to license Fighting American, and make him an even more blatant rip-off of Captain America, diminishing the character’s reputation and value.

Still, the original take on the character from creators Kirby and Simon was a unique take on a genre they made famous, and that Fighting American will live on forever.

Uncle Sam – The original “Spirit” of America, the DC Comics version of Uncle Sam is a “unique” take on the Patriotic superhero.

The character is very much like The Spectre, except attached to a host that is a dying Patriot. The spirit has taken form throughout America’s history, taking the Uncle Sam form in the 1800s and keeping it to this day.

He is the leader of the Freedom Fighters, and a formidable opponent to any who would stand in the way of freedom for all.

The Shield – 5 different characters have worn the costume and taken the name of the The Shield. He makes his way onto this list because he is the only Patriotic hero topre -date Captain America. The Shield is the first hero to wear the red, white and blue into battle, and incorporate the flag into his costume design.

The original Shield was Joe Higgins, the son of a slain scientist who was working on a formula to give people super strength. Joe cracked the code, gave himself a dose, and became The Shield.

The character has appeared in a variety of outlets over the years, almost constantly being reinvented. While there are no current Shield comics being published…it is only matter of time before he returns.

Superpatriot – Superpatriot was once Johnny Armstrong. Johnny was a soldier in World War 2, and was captured by the Germans, and used as a guinea pig for scientific experiments. The experiments gave him super human powers, and allowed him to destroy the base where the Germans had been keeping him, preventing them from building an army of super soldiers.

Free from his German slavery, Johnny donned a patriotic suit and became the super hero known as Superpatriot.

He continued to fight the good fight into the 1990s. His superpowers also slowed down his aging, but by the 90s, Johnny was looking older rather than younger. Time was catching up to him, and when a renegade band of super villains decided to endSuperpatriot’s career, they brutalized him, severing his limbs and destroying much of his face.

On the brink of death, Johhny Armstrong was taken to the Cyberdata corporation, where he was fitted with cybernetic limbs. His body was enhanced, and Superpatriot was reborn. Now a gun wielding living weapon, Superpatriot continues to fight the good fight to this day…

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