Top Five 2008 Blockbusters

There are some rather tasty looking films coming out this year, and make no mistake.  Here, I’ve decided to look at what in my opinion will be the top five best films of the year.    Of course, I’m only looking at only the top five Hollywood blockbusters – I’ll look at indie films in a separate post.

The Incredible Hulk

The film I’ve already covered the trailer of is set to be a big one – in every sense.  The Hulk is back, with this film ignoring the Ang Lee movie of a couple of years ago.  This time round – and rather wisely I may add – they have given the Hulk something his own size to fight.  The evil and hugely powerful Abomination.  Will Bruce Banner use the Hulk to fight, or will he take the cure to live a normal life?

The Dark Knight
The caped crusader returns in this sequel to one of arguably the best comic book adaptations ever made – Batman Begins.  In one of Heath Ledger’s last roles before his death, he appears in this film as the Joker.  Not however as the black-comedic joker from the original Batman film (directed by Tim Burton and played by Jack Nicholson) but instead as a homicidal maniac intent on filling Gotham City with crime and fear.  Along with his Humvee, Batman drives a huge Akira style road bike.

Wall -E
Walt Disney and Pixar are behind what is potentially going to be one of the biggest blockbuster children’s films ever.  Wall -E is a robot that has been left on Earth to clean up after humans have left.  The trailer shows him tidying up and experimenting with the debris left on Earth.  However, along comes a female robot (!) from another planet who Wall -E falls in love with.  She however takes a journey far away, which will take Wall -E many miles from his home planet in search for her…

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
This movie is the follow-up to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  The children (who were made princes and princesses of the land of Narnia at the end of the film) return to the realm of Narnia, only to find that the savage Telmarines have taken over the once-beautiful lands.  Evil king Miraz now rules with an iron fist, forcing even the majestic Aslan into retreat.  With the golden age of Narnia over after a 1300-year absence, what can the children do to put right the wrongs in their kingdom?

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Harrison Ford returns once again in May, for a fourth amazing adventure of Indiana Jones.  Why it took so long for him to return is anyone’s guess, but the movie looks just like one of his old-time adventures, with whip swinging, girls, an evil villain and this time around a young sidekick to do more of the action set-pieces.  Whether this is a handing over of the reigns is anyone’s guess but the adventures will go all the way from Area 51 (as shown in the trailer) through to the very heart of the kingdom of the crystal skull itself – which looks to be an Aztec temple of some sort.

Other films of note

Of course, the five films above aren’t the only Hollywood blockbusters worth considering this year.  No doubt the summer will bring many more, some of which we haven’t even seen very much of yet.  Here’s a few of the films I think will also be worth catching.

Iron Man – Another comic book adaptation here, with Robert Downey Jr playing the part of the eponymous hero Tony Stark.  Well cast and with apparently excellent special effects, this is one actioner that you won’t want to miss.

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army – Ron Perlman returns in a sequel for the role he was born to play – Hellboy.  This time round, the mythical world starts a rebellion for which only a few can stand against, including Hellboy and his team.

The Orphanage
– If you haven’t caught this yet (I can’t have done as I’m in the UK) I’d certainly recommend it based on the five minutes of footage I have seen.  Whilst not a horror film per se, Bayona’s direction and Del Toro’s production skills should make this one of the most atmospheric films of the year.

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