Topher Grace Re-Edits Prequel Trilogy to Just 85 Minutes

Darth Vader

Before a one-time-only audience of about 50 viewers, actor Topher Grace (Eddie Brock from Spider-Man 3) recently showed off his very own passion project: a re-cut version of the Star Wars prequels. Those who saw it say it was a significant improvement.

It’s kind of hard to believe, but Grace used the 6+ hours of the prequel trilogy — including some footage cut from the final versions of the three films — to create a combo film that runs for just 85 minutes. He cut out major chunks of the story altogether, created his own opening crawl, and even added in his own original music. Sadly, it appears that his re-edit was something the actor made solely for his own amusement, because he’s said that he will never let it be seen en masse.

Since we’ll never get to actually see the film, we’ll have to settle for a first-hand report from someone who was there. Collider’s Steve Weintraub was one of the lucky few, and his report is quite fascinating.

Weintraub says that the biggest cuts come from The Phantom Menace, with Grace’s edit beginning the story with Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon’s climactic lightsaber duel against Darth Maul. His version of the story sounds as if it does away with the Trade Federation/Separatist/Clone Army subplot, focusing instead on a mysterious plot to assassinate various Republic politicians. He also cut out most of the dull politics, all of General Grievous, all of Jar-Jar, and added in a scene cut from Attack of the Clones where Anakin meets Padme’s family on Naboo, which reportedly helped flesh out their blossoming romance.

Grace ends his cut with the focus on Anakin’s transformation into Darth Vader, instead of Obi-Wan handing off Luke to his aunt and uncle on Tattooine. Weintraub says, “the film ends with Vader in the center of the screen looking evil.”

Here’s hoping the actor will change his mind and release the film online.

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