Tracking Down the Best Broadband Deals For Gamers

Let’s face it, there’s one thing that gamers want more than anything else from their internet connection – speed and more of it. Of course, all internet providers have varying levels of speed because the bandwidth they can offer to their ADSL customers will vary according to local usage. In some cases, internet service providers will have a service provision that is lower than usual over its entire network. That said, such issues tend to be rare and not a problem if your internet broadband provider offers you a minimum speed which your service won’t – or shouldn’t – drop below.

The Best Speeds Around

With so much of the country’s broadband being supplied over the telephone network these days, obtaining the best speed available comes down to nothing more than a postcode lottery. You can enter your address into a simple online switching service, such as Broadband Choices, in order to obtain a list of all of the internet service providers with capabilities in your area. You should see special offers and deals as well as a range of different packages, in many cases. If you live in a city centre or a large town, then the chances are that you will be able to switch via a fibre optic connection so long as one has been laid down your street.

In rural locations and newly built estates, there is less probability of being able to obtain the superfast connections, however. Under such circumstances, you will still be able to see which providers offer the best speeds for ADSL internet. Remember that it is important to look at the minimum guaranteed speed rather than the ‘up to’ rate which may not be a fair reflection of the service you will end up gaming through.

Upload and Download Rates

The ‘A’ in ADSL stands for asymmetric. This essentially means that a typical domestic internet service will have a faster download speed than it can upload. That is as it should be for most common internet services, such as web browsing and streaming music and videos. Nearly all games require good download speeds, too, of course. However, some games where you interact live with other gamers also require fast upload speeds or you end up with glitches that both yourself and other gamers will perceive. In other words, don’t just focus on the fastest download speeds when you are looking for the best broadband deals – the rate for uploading data is just as important. The advertised uploading rate will always be less than the one for downloading, of course, but no serious gamer can afford to ignore just how quickly their moves are sent to the gaming server they are connected to.

Confirming You Have the Deal For You

Even the best broadband deals take a while to get up to speed. You might have compared dozens of deals before choosing a service that meets your need for speed while being charged at the right monthly fee. However, when you switch to a new internet service provider, it usually takes some time to hit the high speeds you want for action-packed gaming. Only after a few weeks will you see whether the bandwidth you are receiving matches the advertised level. This is because service providers need to ramp up the speed slowly to make sure it is optimised whilst still providing a stable platform. Test your speed a month after you have switched to get a true reflection of the service’s gaming capabilities.

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