From the weird and wonderful world of Japan comes a new short 20-minute anime DVD called “Training with Hinako”. Now, I’ve seen a lot of anime over the years, but nothing as strange or unique as this one.


So what is Training with Hinako? To put it simply, it’s a workout video for out-of-shape anime fans with a twist. Unlike most workout videos which focus on proper technique, most of the Training with Hinako video zooms in on Hinako’s rather large assets (you know what I mean, just take a look at the cover).

The exercises that Hinako covers are: push-ups, sit-ups, squats, counting on the bed, and something I can only describe as chest bouncing with special sound effects included. The first three exercises (push-ups, sit-ups, and squats) are a major part of any workout, but counting on the bed and chest bounces are completely new to me. Although this anime is a so-called “workout video”, only about two-thirds of it is actually of Hinako performing her exercises. The rest of the anime includes Hinako talking about how she’s actually a real human who was pulled into the world of anime (through the tv of course) and is now acting in a new anime series, strange indeed.

Training With Hinako certainly isn’t meant for younger audiences, and it’s pretty clear that the working out part is just a cover for its main selling point. If you are interested in this anime, it’s now on sale in Japan so you can get it shipped to you, or you could just find a clip on youtube and loop it several times (trust me, you wouldn’t miss much).

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