Transformers Movie Toyline coming June 2nd

The full onslaught of Transformers Movie toys are heading into stores tomorrow, and there is an unholy amount of store exclusives and movie tie-in figures.

Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, and Target all have their own exclusives, with Target even having a line of figures that are movie-styled designs, but not characters we actually see in the film (including Arcee – who appeared in the prequel comic). The other stores are merely getting repackaged figures, or figures that aren’t actual movie versions of characters. For example, Toys R Us has a commemorative Soundwave…for those of you that want to remember what the G1 toys and characters were like…you know, a nice reminder of what you WON’T be getting in the film…

There are some interesting toys in this new line-up though that I wanted to show you. First is the “little kid” version of Optimus Prime…

Cyber Stomping Prime here is – by far – the best “movie” version of Prime on the shelves…does he transform?…you can’t actually make a toy transform and look like the robots from the movie…(they did try, though) why would you think you could do that?  Oh yeah…because it’s the freakin’ TRANSFORMERS!!!!

My favorite of the new toys is the latest Mr. Potato Head movie toy…Optimash Prime…

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Just look at him…that’s awesome.

You can check out the full line of toys by clicking here.

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